Scope of Exhibits
Label Printing Equipment (Digital/ Flexo/Offset/Rotary press etc.)
Label Printing Materials & Accessories
RFID Label Equipment & Bar Coding Equipment
Pre-press System & Plate Making Equipment
Post-press Equipment
Label Inspection Equipment & Label Printing Services
Anti-counterfeit Technology, Label Security Solutions & Applications

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Label Printing
Label Printing Supporting Service
Substrates and Adhesives
Printing Materials and Accessories
RFID Label & Solutions.
Industry Services
Pre-press System & Software
Computer To Plate
Exposing Unit
Flexography Printing equipment
Digital Printing equipment
Rotary Label Printing Machine
Label Printing Machine
Narrow web printing machine
Offset presses, machines/equipment
Screen Printer
Relief Printing Equipment
Bar Coding Equipment and technology
IML Printing Machinery
Combinatorial printing press
Fabric label presses
Roll-label press, combination
Inkjet printers
Laser marking machine
Label Die-cutting Machine
Divide-pieces machine
Label Detecting Machine
Shearing machine
Placement machine
Dispensing machine
Label slitting machine
Adhesive sticker half-cutting machine
Shrink label seaming machine
Labeling machine
Laminating machine
Coating machine
Automatic labelers
Test and inspection equipment
Bar code printers and readers
Color management and control
Hot Air Dryer
Inspection system
Control system of Environmental Protection
Recyclable Wastewater treatment system
Energy conservation technology and equipment
Consumables of Environmental Protection Equipment
Ink control /dispending system
Auxiliary Equipment
Web Guiding Systems
Tension and Torque Controls
Magnetic Particle Clutches and Brakes
Handheld Mobile Computer
Self-adhesive Label Printing Materials
Self-adhesive Materials & Hot Melt System
In-mode labels
Label coiled material & Film
Ink, varnish
Plate materials
Rubber Sheet
Thermal Transfer Ribbons
Thin film
Label papers
Fabric label materials
Security/holographic labels and materials
Self-Adhesive labels
Spot-patch labels
Wrap-around labels
Synthetic/ OPP
Aluminum Foil
Wrap-around labels
Wet-Glue labels
Anti-counterfeiting material
Synthetic paper
Electrostatic equipment
Cutting- tool
Anilox roll
Robot arm
Corona machine
Washing agent
Repair and Maintenance Services
UV Curing Machine
Manufacturing machine of RFID labels (RFID label converter, RFID Flip Chip Assembling Machine,detecting machine,RFID Code Printing Machine,etc.)
RFID Hardware instruments(RFID reader ,RFID reader module,RFID handheld reader ,etc.)
RFID solution Partners
RFID Label
RFID Chip,RFID label antenna
Archival and filing system
Data processing services
Service provider
Dealer / distributor / trader
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