Visitor Campaigns

Campaign 1: Register & Win USD25 Amazon Gift Card

Prize: USD25 Amazon gift card

Deadline: 22 Feb 2019

Upon successful visitor registration, you will be entering our Amazon Gift Card Campaign right away. One registered visitor will get an USD25 Amazon Gift Card per week until the registration ended. Winners will get their gifts card through the redemption emails we sent out.

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Winner Announcement

1st week winner: Tommy Cham (Visitor Code: 2921001835)
2nd week winner: LIM BOON BENG (Visitor Code: 2921001918)
3rd week winner: Wang lau yee (Visitor Code: 2922002132)
4th week winner: Thinnakorn Panyasuksri (Visitor Code: 2922002470)
5th week winner: SANJAY RAIZADA (Visitor Code: 2921002559)
6th week winner: Robert Hsu (Visitor Code: 2922001808)
7th week winner: Adam Toh (Visitor Code: 2921003200)

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Campaign 2: Referral Program to Win Hotel Accommodation

Prize: 2-night hotel accommodation in Guangzhou during show period

Deadline: 31 Jan 2019

The Referral Program is launched to thank you for joining us in inviting your friends or colleagues to visit the exhibitions. Free 2-night hotel accommodation will be offered to the three visitors who referred the most registered visitors to the exhibitions. Please follow the below steps to join the program:
Step 1: Register for Printing South China / Sino-Label 2019
Step 2: After registration, a personal referral link will be sent to you via email. Just forward the link to your friends/colleagues and ask them to register with the link. The more registered visitors you referred, the higher chance you will get free accommodation!

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*Terms & conditions apply

For more information on the prize-winning activities, please email。