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[Printing South China & Sino-Label] Opens Today in Guangzhou The First Print-to-Pack Exhibition in 2022 and A 4-in-1 Expo linkage for industrial intelligence upgrade
Publish Date: 2022/03/04
Today, the first comprehensive exhibition that covers printing, labeling, packaging and packaging product – The 28th South China International Exhibition on Printing Industry (Printing South China) and The China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology (Sino-Label) in the new year opened at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou. At 9:30 am, the opening press conference was grandly held in Hall 2.1 "Smart Factory 4.0" solemnly.

Mr. Li Zhishuai, Head of Printing South China of China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd. (CFTE) and Ms. Du Jingxian, General Manager of Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. attended the press conference and delivered their opening speeches. This year marks the 28th anniversary of the Printing South China according to the exhibition organizer. The scale of the exhibition has reached a record high by extending its theme to include up to 9 exhibition halls with more special areas for "Environmental Governance Of The Printing Package", "Anti-counterfeiting Traceability", etc. The first launch of the "Smart Factory 4.0" demonstration area and the complete relocation of production line into the exhibition site would give visitors direct insights about the printing industry 4.0. Meanwhile, more than 10 high-quality forum activities were held to focus on the trending topics of flexible packaging, lean production, color management and smart printing, building a face-to-face communication platform for visitors with industry experts and gurus.

Mr. Xu Shunan, Vice President of Masterwork Group, Mr. Li Gang, PPSO General Manager of Konica Minolta, Mr. Wang Bing, Vice General Manager of Guangdong Hongming, Mr. Wu Haizhou, Marketing Director of Shanghai Triowin, Mr. Xing Yong, Director of Guangdong Tengen, Mr. Fu Jian, Marketing Director of Bomai Robotics and other representatives from well-known exhibitors attended the conference and shared their views on the latest industry trends and hot topics. Many professional and mass media witnessed the first demonstration of "Smart Factory 4.0" at the conference site, which unveiled the grand show of the printing and packaging industry in the beginning of the year.

Smart Factory 4.0 Landing On-Site and Live Presentation of Printing Industry 4.0
This morning (4 March) at 10:30 a.m., the Smart Factory started to demonstrate their products several times at the "Smart Factory 4.0" area in Hall 2.1, Booth 2501. The visitors can witness the whole process of intelligent production of "one cardboard in and then one high-quality box out", and they have experienced the real printing industry 4.0 on site personally.

Hybridsoftware China pre-press digital process is well integrated with the ERP system of Yiyin Network, which realizes the automatic loading of electronic files, automatic pre-screening, automatic imposition of plates, and automatic generation of pattern files and 8BIT-TIFF for printing. Zhejiang Yiyin Network is responsible for their system integration in which the information flow of business management and the data flow of production operations are incorporated through ERP, APS and MES systems for the entire production line.

The paper is handled by the Jinjing paper processor, which can complete the workflow of automatic flipping, blowing alignment, paper sorting and powder removal, quick-drying ink, and tray centering. The printing is completed by Konica Minolta KM1 digital printing machine, and it is reported that the printing size of this model can reach 750*585mm, which can work in flexible imposition, save time and paper, and can automatically print on both sides to save labor. Yongshun laminating machine is designed for non-stop paper collection, drying roller with electromagnetic heating and thermal oil heating, so that the film edges won't get curled at a more uniform temperature. It is reported that electrostatic powder removal can also be installed with a spray code platform.

The Konica Minolta post-press booster used in the production line adopts hot stamping technology for higher surface gloss and is known for 2D and 3DUV effects together with variable data processing modules; The Chumbro hot stamping film cutting machine can reach a maximum pressure of 660 tons, which can be used for deep embossing and it is more suitable for general hot stamping, large layout, thin paper hot stamping and film pattern cutting; The automatic carton forming machine of Zhengrun has high positioning accuracy with four intelligent systems of continuous cardboard feeding without pausing, foam press function, digital quick mold adjustment and automatic memory storage. And SinoTecho is responsible for AGV automatic loading and unloading, and automatic warehousing and transportation.

The first day of the demonstration was very well received among the visitors, who said that it had broadened their horizons and they were able to watch the real linkage production line of intelligent manufacturing at the exhibition site by providing them with a unique visiting experience of 2022, meanwhile, they also gained tips and inspiring ideas applicable to the intelligent transformation and upgrades for their own enterprises.

The expansion and upgrade on consumables purchase; One-time visit One-year trouble-free procurement
The "consumables purchase" activity is a feature of Printing South China. According to the buyer's request for further expansion and upgrading in 2022, nearly 100 high-quality consumables exhibitors such as Kurz Group, Darong, Soontomax, Lecco, Yoke, Shengfuyuan, Eko, Lord, Langshuo, Tongde, Liangyu, etc are invited to join us, showcasing many consumables such as paper, ink, film, self-adhesive materials, glue, thermal transfer ribbons, rubber rollers, rubber blankets, etc. All the manufacturers of graphic carton, label, flexible packaging and other containers will be able to find high-quality suppliers that meet their needs. Our visitors can obtain the solutions to reduce cost and increase efficiency, and can also explore new business growth points empowered with innovative and high-quality materials. The exhibitors at the booths shared their views with visitors enthusiastically. Many exhibitors disclosed that they had already won some potential orders.

Highlights of the exhibition include many specialized areas of paper containers, anti-counterfeiting traceability, etc.
Star exhibitors gathered on site.
[Packaging and Printing Intelligence Pavilion] Representative exhibitor Masterwork Group (Hall1.1, 1640), held a demonstration on site to show their leading equipment and technology. In addition, Guowang, Jinbao, Hongming, Zhongke, Horda, Huayue, Guangming, Xinwei, Shengtu, Zihong, Jiguo, Bochen and other exhibitors also present their technologies on site.

[Paper Container Area] Gathering Zenbo, Daqiao, Koro, Rokin, Fangbang, Zono, Ruida, Ruizhi, Guangchuan, Ounuo, Champion, Xinlei and other exhibitors to show eco-friendly packaging technology and equipment including paper boxes, paper bags, paper cups, paper tableware, etc. to promote the green development of the industry.

[Digital Label Brand Pavilion] (Area A, 2nd floor, Hall 2.2-3.2) to show leading digital printing technologies and applications, providing personalized and small batch custom solutions. The representative exhibitors are HP, Suuny Science, Runtianzhi, Haotian, Hanglobal, General Inkjet, Yingjieke, Arojet, Huijet, Vorey, Kingstar, Honytek, Dugao and so on.

In addition, [Anti-counterfeiting Traceability Area], [Environmental Flexo Printing Area], [Environmental Governance Of Package Printing Area], [RFID Intelligent Exhibition Area], [Flexible Packaging Area] all have provided a lot of practical benefits and highlights to help enterprises improve quality and efficiency, and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises. The exhibition venue is highly welcome among the visitors.

More than ten concurrent events focus on hotspots with in-depth analysis of industry trends
Tag Application Development Summit Forum, Creative Design and Color Management, The 5th Anti-counterfeiting and Intelligent Traceability Technology Summit Forum in 2022, The 3rd Packaging Smart Factory Construction and Lean Management Forum in 2022, Tobacco Packaging Summit Dialogue in 2022, Environmental Process Development of Flexible Packaging Forum, China Pulp and Packaging Paper Industry Chain Seminar, The 5th Pulp and Molding Industry Green Development Summit Forum, Cross-border Integration RFID Ecology Sharing - 2022 RFID Electronic Label Scenario Application Summit Forum, The 6th Intelligent Printing Art Summit Forum, China Anti-counterfeiting Traceability Technology Application Summit Forum in 2022, China Label Industry High Quality Development Forum in 2022, etc., covering hot topics like "the fluctuation of paper price", "cross-border integration", "lean production", "sustainable development", etc. Through face-to-face communication with experts and scholars in various fields, the printing and packaging manufacturers in each venue will get the first opportunity to grasp the market development trend of the printing and packaging industry in 2022 and will be able to seize the opportunities and cope with challenges.

The first day of the exhibition is a great success owing to the strong support of industry associations and leading printing enterprises.
The first day of the exhibition has been greeted with great popularity by more than 100 industry associations and leading enterprise groups on this sourcing platform. Trade associations of printing and packaging labels from 21 cities in Guangdong Province and provinces such as Fujian, Hunan, Henan, Hainan, Shandong, Guangxi, Hubei, Anhui and Shaanxi have organized purchaser groups to attend the conference. Printing and packaging leading enterprises, the Yuto, Lukka Pack, Hucais, Astros, Stora Enso, Inpac, RR Donnelly, Jinjia, MYS, Nine Dragons, Tengen,, Chung Tai, Yuncheng Plate Making, Southern Packaging, Avery, Nine Stars, Voion, Jinguan, Sabert, Mingxin, Litop Printing, Miracle Printing, Chengcheng Printing, Baixinglong Packaging, Guopeng Printing, Mapleson Packaging, QP Group, Lida Packaging, Zhongrong Printing, Bingxin Packaging, Bosheng Packaging, Juxin Printing, Meili Heting, Hengyuan Printing, Wanchang Printing, Fareach Group, Mingfeng Packaging also visited the show for procurement. Terminal well-known brands, the Haitian, Want Want, Coca-Cola, L'Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Hsu Fu Chi, Lee Kum Kee, Budweiser, Liby, Midea, Canon, Vantage, Siemens, Philips and so on all delegations have gathered in Pazhou to celebrate the printing and packaging industry event. More professional visitors with purchasing power are expected to visit us in the next 2 days.

A 4-in-1 Expo jointly support the industry upgrades; The wonderful show continues until March 6
Printing South China (Zone A, Hall 1.1-5.1)/ Sino-Label (Zone A, Hall 2.2-5.2) and Sino-Pack/PACKINNO (Zone B, Hall 9.1-13.1) held together covering the whole industry chain of printing, labeling and packaging with an exhibition scale of 140,000 square meters. According to the exhibition organizers, Printing South China will continue to strengthen cooperation with all parties in the industry, expand the areas of cooperation, optimize the layout of the exhibition area and exhibitor structure in the future, and we believe that we can present a more professional and efficient all-round business communication platform to the visitors for the next year. With 2 more days to go, why don't you take the opportunity to join us and get the leading technology and information on a one-stop platform to build a pioneering position in the industry from the starting line in 2022?

Live Streaming and Online Business Matching for All Visitors
As a customer-oriented expo, Printing South China and Sino-Label provide the live streaming and online business matching service for those visitors who are not able to come to the show, they have the chance to learn the latest or hot-selling equipment introduced by the premium exhibitors, and could enjoy the lively atmosphere of the show.

Watch now: to learn about the latest information, obtain innovative product technologies and solutions, conduct business exchanges, and explore business opportunities

Business activities around the world have been affected by the epidemic, while the procurement demand in the market is continued. Yesterday, the expo had held an online business matching with 10 exhibitors including Zhejiang Zenbo Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. , Zhejiang Jinbao Machinery Co., Ltd. , Wenzhou Guangming Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. , Guowang Group – Guowang Technology(Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. , Zhejiang New Luolan Machinery Co., Ltd. , Zhejiang Xingfeng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. , Ruian Aoer Printing Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. , Focusight Technology Co., Ltd. , Weifang Xinhecheng Printing Technology Co., Ltd. and Longgang Xinxin Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. had introduced hot-selling printed label packaging products and equipment. More than 110 end-product buyers have signed up to participate in the matching meeting.

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