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Must-known Exhibition Discovers New Opportunity In Label Market
Publish Date: 2021/10/12
The electronic tag is the RFID tag, which is the abbreviation of RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION. With the rapid development of big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, 5G and other technologies, RFID tags are widely used due to their intelligent and digital advantages. It provides large information capacity, high security, easy identification and light weight. Thus, it is applied in logistics, retail, clothing, medical, food and other industries and becomes one of the most revolutionary growth points for the label industry in the future.

According to relevant statistics, China has become the world's largest production and processing base for RFID tags with more than 70% production capacity worldwide. In 2021, RFID market shipments amount is expected to reach RMB9.49 billion in China. RFID tags have become an unrevealed market in the label printing industry by their huge development potential and wide application prospects.

The China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology 2022 (Sino-Label 2022) keeps up with market trends and establishes 【RFID Zone】, strongly inviting end-product users of logistics, retail, clothing, medical, food and other industries as well as the label printing associations from the worldwide to come and purchase. At the same time, hundreds of professional buyers and industry experts are invited to participate in the RFID featured forum concurrently hold in the exhibition. Sino-Label provides an efficient RFID application solution sourcing platform to advocate the development of the industry.
(The following exhibitors and exhibits are listed in no particular order.)

Shanghai Link-point Information Technology Co., Ltd.
RFID-801 Series
The RFID high-speed read-write printing software integrates the conveying platform, read-write system, printing system, quality inspection system, rejection, stacking and receiving system as well as automatic compensation and automatic association with the database to generate a new printing template (according to the production batch through the CSV data file). It also provides sub-automatic generation and continuous production, reduces manual operation and realizes a multifunctional machine to improve the efficiency of single machine automatic production, and greatly diminishes the enterprise's labor and production equipment investment.

Guangdong Tengcai Technology Co., Ltd.
RFID Dry Inlay
Dry Inlay is a pre-laminated product after encapsulating the chip, conductive adhesive and etching antenna. The inlay can be understood as a semi-finished product. The company not only provides aluminum etching inlay but also fragile anti-counterfeiting and paper substrate inlay.

Maxim Smart Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Heat Transfer Label
This product is a kind of thermal transfer electronic label. A chip (RFID or NFC) is embedded into the thermal transfer label which the pattern layer is not easy to be damaged by the chip, and there will be no delamination between each other. Even washing at 40 degrees for 10 times, the entire label remains intact while the clip can be read normally. This product has applied for related patents.

Guangzhou Zhilian Internet of things Technology Co., Ltd.
RFID Single Tag Printing, Reading, Writing and Detecting All-in-one Machine
The equipment integrates UV HD digital printing and RFID read-write verification functions, which shortens the production process, improves production efficiency and saves labor costs. The digital spray printing station has the functions of dust removal, tension detection, UV spray printing, pre-curing and main curing. Also, RFID reading and writing station has the functions of visual inspection, TID reading verification, EPC writing, EPC twice reading verification, scrap removal, warehouse counting and receiving, and automatic order supplement. The equipment can be equipped with special-shaped card issuers. The machine is a full servo high-speed feeding platform with stable feeding and high control precision.

Sino-Label will be held concurrently with Printing South China, Sino-Pack, and PACKINNO on 4-6 March , 2022 at China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, PR China, which is a one-stop procurement exchange platform that runs through the entire industry chain of printing, labeling and packaging. The exhibition area will exceed 140,000 square meters, and more than 1,700 exhibitors are expected.

As the first grand labeling exhibition in 2022, printing and packaging experts should make your whole year's plans in the spring and grasp the new opportunities in this unforgettable business platform. Reserve your booth now!

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