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GREEN - Green Label Material Zone + Environmental Flexo Printing
People's awareness of Flexographic Printing with water-based ink increased in these years, it has been widely used in food packaging. Together with the green material which helps the corporate to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
DIGITALIZATION - Digital Label Printing Zone – Leading the era of digital printing
Grasp the market trend, digital printing technology fulfills the need of customization, and Digital Label Printing Zone leads the end-product industry to get into the era of digitalization.
INTELLIGENCE - Innovative RFID Smart Zone - Grab the potential market of RFID
To tap into the highly potential market of RFID labels, innovative anti-counterfeit and tracking solutions are provided to the entire supply chain.
AUTOMATION - Advancement of label post-press technology
Different technologies will be available for enterprises to achieve automation, such as post-press processing, detection, web guiding, die-cutting, cold stamping and waste discharging, etc..
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