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We are one of the most professional & biggest varnishing manufacturer and service providers in China.In the year of 1999, entered into varnishing industry, in the year of 2001 established Beijing Lvcheng Changxing Technology Co.,LTD.We set up our production base in Guangzhou Province in the year of 2016, Its Huizhou Lvcheng Changxing Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. We have accumulated more than 20 years of rich experience in the field of varnishing products.Varnishing products widely used for printed surface coating,such as food package, medical package,cosmetics package, book & magazine, daily necessities package, cultural goods, electronics package, color box and cartons packing, and various kinds of labels,etc.We will continue to improve and innovate, devote to providing professional printing surface treatment total solutions for printing & packing enterprises.
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