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Shanghai Liandian Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a software and hardware provider specializing in the RFID intelligent identification and traceability technology integration of the Internet of Things.
Mainly engaged in RFID high-speed reading and writing, digital printing, quality inspection and image processing intelligent equipment production and software development. The software and hardware development team can customize RFID software and hardware production equipment according to the requirements of the customer's production process.
Widely used in electronic supervision, traceability, marketing of clothing and shoes, food and medicine, medical equipment, agriculture, electronic products, postal services, aviation, logistics and warehousing, daily chemicals, books, asset management and automobiles
Data acquisition, anti-counterfeit and anti-channeling, traceability and data cloud service solution provider for the production line of the Internet of Things.
The company has rich technology and application experience in the field of RFID intelligent identification and product traceability in the field of industrial 4.0 automation production!
Liandian Technology adheres to the principle of "honesty, progressiveness and innovation" and dedicates to providing customers with high-quality one-stop solutions and supporting services.
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