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New generation brake,very compact dimension,high accuracy,easy installation,long life span,almost zero maintenance costs and respect for the environment and the operator's health. EXtreme XT.7: in 205mm of diameter and 123mm of thickness, it can reach 2,5 KW of heat dissipation and 352 Nm of is usually used narrow web machines (Label equipment) and all applications that require a precise and linear control of the web tension.
We have 40 years experience in the development of tension controllers,tens of thousands of applications have demonstrated the stability and superior performance of our products. The CF lode cell (flange mounting) has many kinds ,load ranging from 50N to 25000N. Tension controllers have T-ONE,T-ONE FPM and so on to meet the different needs of customers.
The Re web guide systems are designed to solve the problems of edge, centre and line guides for all kinds of material. Thanks to highly innovative technical solutions we have created a range of products that offer our clients numerous advantages, including: 1.High precision stepping motor electrical movement. 2.Proportional error response for fast, precise checking. 3.Practically non-existent maintenance costs. 4.Extremely low purchase cost. 5.Easy to use and install system.

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We have been designing and manufacturing laminate machining process automation equipment since 1974,our range of products includes a set of equipment dedicated to the production,printing and punching of labels. Our goal is to Increase productivity and quality ,to meet our customers' requirements at every stage of the laminate machining process.
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