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Tl100k's single row UPH will reach 100000 PCS / h, and the production capacity of double row, four row and six row will be doubled. At the same time of high-speed production, stability must be guaranteed. The inlay cutting, pasting and composite accuracy of tl100k can reach 0.3mm, and the die-cutting accuracy can reach 0.15mm. The rich configuration can meet more than 95% of the process requirements of labels and tags.
1. Support independent 4-volume inlay unwinding 2. Support defective products online elimination function 3. Aviation luggage label (500mm) UPH reaches 30K 4. Support chip detection, appearance size detection and defective product identification

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Weiju intelligent control focuses on the manufacturing of high-end equipment in the RFID industry, and is committed to promoting the application of RFID in the industry. Weiju has strong R & D capability and leading R & D technology. Its products have 100% independent intellectual property rights. It has applied for 4 invention patents, 4 utility model patents and 4 software copyrights.
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