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UPM Raflatac launches new collection of beverage label materials using recycled fibres
Publish date: 2023-07-03


The company says five of its responsibly sourced label materials were given to five Spanish design agencies with the brief to create a new collection.

“The label designs in the Rêverie 3 collection were created for high end wine, spirits, sparkling cider, craft beer and tomato juice drinks, with excellent execution of the artworks with different printing techniques managed by Gráficas Varias,” Joss Ramel, packaging solutions manager for Spain and Portugal at UPM Raflatac states.


The first UPM Raflatac label material chosen was Biarritz Wsa PCR-FSC with 20% recycled fibres created for use with wine and spirits labelling applications, using the natural pigmentation of the material on the label. Series Nemo used this material to create the sparkling cider bottle label design.

Second was Drops Wsa PCR-FSC which reportedly has 100% recycled fibres and an uneven textured surface, which Estudio Maba used to create the spirits bottle label design. Fenix Wsa PCR-FSC has 40% recycled fibres and was used by Puigdemont Roca to create the tomato juice bottle label design.


Source: Packaging Europe

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