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Label release liners containing PCR content and unbleached fibres revealed by Ahlstrom
Publish date: 2023-09-01


In general, release papers are said to facilitate the efficient printing, cutting, and application of PSA labels – thus reducing product waste, increasing product safely, and helping goods move reliably and efficiently through the distribution process. Those created with Acti-V technology reportedly enable potential reductions in energy, catalyst, and silicone consumption through a ‘highly efficient’ silicone coating and converting process.

Acti-V RF Yellow is a supercalendered release paper said to contain at least 15% post-consumer recycled fibre. It is designed to resemble the typical light-yellow colour of paper liners that carry most PSA paper labels in Europe.


Meanwhile, Acti-V RF Natural is a light creamy colour that naturally results from the incorporation of post-consumer recycled fibre and both bleached and unbleached cellulose fibres. According to Ahlstrom, it does not use any dye and is based on components estimated to allow a carbon footprint reduction of at least 15% compared to the Acti-V Yellow liner.

By replacing a portion of virgin fibres with recyclate, Ahlstrom hopes to support the industry in adopting renewable, bio-based materials and provide sustainability-minded options for laminators, label printers, and end-users.


Source: Packaging Europe

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