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Wenzhou Xinot Digital Materials Co., Ltd. is a research and development enterprise specialized in various digital printing adhesive materials and digital image printing materials and coatings. The company has advanced coating technology and digital, ink-jet coating R&D team, has been dedicated to the research and development of special ink-jet media and laser digital printing media for many years, and has advanced ink-jet and laser digital printing coating formula technology, and has accumulated rich production experience. Accept foreign trade orders, welcome new and old customers to consult
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Our company independently developed special coating, coated production of special digital printing media, suitable for all kinds of Xerox, Komai, Canon, OKI, Ricoh and other brands laser digital printing models and HP INDIGO digital printing press. Printing fastness is good, abrasion resistance, water resistance, color reduction is good, rich variety, is the best material for personalized short version label, printing, special specifications can be cut or customized, other surface materials can be customized


The ink-jet self-adhesive series is coated with the world's advanced pure transparent ink absorbing coating developed by our company, which has high transparency and can ensure the original material texture is clear and natural, and the color is true. Ink jet high clarity, good color restoration, good water resistance, excellent color fastness, and printing ink has excellent gloss; More suitable for water-based dye ink, water-based pigment ink printing, suitable for a variety of inkjet models is the best material for making a variety of personalized short version label advertising paper


Our company independent research and development of advanced inkjet waterproof coating, combined with the current market fashion process, paper coated with pearlite powder, natural texture, gorgeous appearance, a variety of colors, ink jet clarity, excellent waterproof coating, suitable for water-based dye ink, suitable for a variety of inkjet models, (also suitable for color laser printing) is to do high-grade business card paper, cover paper, recipes, Studio art paper, such as personalized, short print the best material paper.

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