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Zhejiang Weigang Technology Co., Ltd. is located on the coast of the beautiful East China Sea. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating development, production, sales and service. We focus on developing high-end high-quality business with trademark printing press as the core field of the company. As a trademark machine equipment manufacturer, it provides a wide range of products and services in this field.
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1. High-speed rotary offset printing machine(with sleeve technology)owns more than 20 national and international patents. 2. Continuous offset printing mode and variety printing sleeve technology makes fast printing speed and high printing quality. 3. The plate roller and the blanket roller adopt the air expansion sleeve type achieves short plate changing time, easy operation, and high efficiency. 4 The inking system and water system are automatically adjusted accord- ing to variable printing sleeve. Super inking system makes the inking move evenly printing pressure more stable and easyadjusting 5. Unwinder has automatic tension control and is equipped with web guider 6. Printing tension controls automatically, the web passingsmoothly even at high speed, stable printing tension ensures high-speed and high-precision printing. 7. This machine has the function of automatic pre-registration, automatic registration by photocell after set-up and second pass with registration......


1.The whole machine adopts the latest servo control system from Germany and each printing unit is driven by independent servo motor. There are 23 servo motors in total for 8-color machine which ensure the accurate registration during high speed running. 2. The printing roller adopts sleeve system which is light, easy, convenient and fast to change. This type of design is largely improve the printing quality and reduces the maintenance. 3. Fast and easy pressure adjustment of printing or ink transfer- ring: Printing roller run by bearer, its not necessary to adjust the pressure when change the roller, or at most fine adjustment for special job. 4. Anvil roller equipped with water chiller, which is good for film material. 5.Suitable for printing variety film material, such as PET,OPP CPP PP and so on.


ZX-320 machine adopts latest servo control system which can ensure the material nip steady and accuracy. lt can free from the printing roller change. The operation of this machine is faster, convenient and simple PS plate intermittent printing hits the high level label demands from short run to long run. lt s the best choice for printing high est quality labels with lowest production cost.

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