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Huizhou Xingguan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a viscose product enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. The company adheres to the business philosophy of management for development and quality for survival. The business scope includes the processing, production and sales of paper, paper products, self-adhesive trademark paper, adhesive tape, protective film, release paper, release film, office consumables, self-adhesive materials, etc. Provide domestic and foreign customers with self-adhesive materials for various purposes and adhesive tapes for electronic products, and make corresponding surface printing treatment according to the printing requirements of different surfaces, fully cooperate with customers' demand for products, the company introduces the latest foreign coating equipment and automatic clean dust removal system, fully implements quality monitoring and management, and implements the quality to every operation surface, Through continuous product R & D and improvement to comprehensively improve the technical content of products, Xingguan company always takes customer value as the center to provide customers with the best product solutions and high-quality and honest services. We hope that with the support of customers, friends and all sectors of society, Huizhou Xingguan will treat customers sincerely in a sincere and practical spirit. We sincerely look forward to working with you to develop a broader market in the future.
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The identification materials in the power industry are used for thermal transfer printing, dot matrix and traditional printing, which can ensure that the label will not tilt or fall off after fitting on the curved surface, and can work stably for a long time in the machine room with high temperature or harsh outdoor environment; The identification content information is not damaged by temperature, humidity and various oil stains. It also has a variety of colors to distinguish different equipment, and can also play a role of safety warning. Characteristic: (1)Vinyl material, can be used outdoors for 5-7 years (2) Color label (3) It can also be used as a warning sign for pipelines and equipment (4)Strong viscose, soft, good ductility (5)It can also work stably for a long time in harsh outdoor environment (6)It can be used for heat transfer printing and printing (7)The content information of the identification shall not be damaged by temperature, humidity and various oil stains (8)Excellent weather resistance (friction resistance, UV, high temperature, high humidity)


The company's independent surface coating treatment technology is applied to a variety of PET materials to make the material surface have good printing and printing effect. Features: Excellent printing and printing performance, excellent weather resistance, in line with environmental protection requirements. Main applications: Widely used in electronics, automobile, power telecommunications, industrial manufacturing, medical treatment, daily chemical, food and other industries

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Cellulose transparent dry adhesive label In view of the requirements of sustainable development / circular economy / environmental protection molding in the packaging market field, our company has developed Cellulose paper film products by combining domestic and foreign advanced technologies. characteristic: The raw material composition is wood pulp fiber, derived from sustainable forest resources Biodegradable, and has a sustainable product life cycle High transparency, good tensile strength Complainthe new coating process, enhance printing suitability and moisture-proof performance FCS to certify SGS Biodegradation certification

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