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Shenyang Photosensitive Chemical Research Institute is a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. We have strong research and development strength in organic synthesis and a large scale production base covering an area of 50,000m2 with complete reaction equipments, advanced testing methods and perfect management system. And a new thermal chemicals industrial production base will soon come into service. In recent years, we have set our sights on the research and development of high-end thermal chemicals. The categories of thermal chemicals increase year by year. We have held series of products to meet the needs of the market. Main product areas: thermal chemicals, photographic chemicals, intermediates, custom chemicals.
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Thermal color developer is the one used in the chromogenic base of thermal dyes. Its function is to release hydrogen ions (H+) to make the thermal dyes chromogenic base developing color.

R-402, R-201, R-301,R-204 / THERMAL DYE

Thermal dye is usually a colorless cryptochromic dye applied in thermal papers. When it reacts with acidic substances (such as BPA), it will become colored structure.

F-201, F-202, F-203 / THERMAL SENSITIZER

Thermal papers which only made by using thermal dyes and color developer could not be available for the requirement of high speed recording and high sensibility. Therefore, by adding thermal sensitizer, it could improve the color developing sensibility and density, and also the sharpness and stability of the images.

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