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The BST is a leading full-service provider of quality assurance systems for the web-processing industries. BST systems not only ensure consistent, first-class production results, but also play a significant part in the acceleration of processes and the sustainable increase in productivity. We support our customers through the entire production process from the materials all the way to further processing. Your added value: improved product qualities and higher efficiency for more satisfied customers. BST Solutions for Your Success, our high-quality solutions include web guiding/web monitoring/100% inspection/color measurement/register control/automation/process optimization and control. BST China founded in February 2007, is a subsidiary of BST. With our global sales, production, and service network, we are always there where you need us.
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Introducing 100% print inspection that has never been as simple and cost-efficient as offered by the TubeScan product series. From simple 100% web monitoring, detection of missing labels and matrix residues to high resolution 100% print inspection within a workflow - now you are able to realize all your needs with one modular system. TubeScan digital strobe family at a glance: Standard features of all models: 100% web monitoring during make-ready and production; Superb image quality dur to high camera resolution; Automatic repeat synchronization across the entire speed range of the machine; No health risk, less tiring compared to conventional monitoring using strobe lights; Fast and easy job setup; Very reliable and stable operation; Suitable for narrow and medium-wide applications (180mm - 850mm web width); Cost-efficient and compact (outside dimensions: only 125mm in web direction).


BST guiding devices correct the position of the web precisely and almost instantaneously. In doing so, they play a central role in the smooth functioning of web guiding processes. If the actual position measured by the controller deviates from its target position, the guiding device, moved by the actuator, corrects the position until the target position is reached again. Our guiding devices are deliverable in various sizes and types for almost all web widths and areas of application. A number of roller designs and coatings are available for various types of material. Our solutions result from detailed discussions with you. Already in the planning and development phases, we are at your side to provide knowledgeable support in all decisions. Your benefit: tailor-made systems whose performance you can rely on every time you use them.


The POWERScope 5000 digital monitoring system from BST is best suited for use in label printing and other narrow web applications. But even in the monitoring of wider webs, the system delivers first-class performance with maximum economy, of course. POWERScope 5000 combines state-of-the-art technology with user-friendliness, while being perfectly adapted to the requirements of modern printing machines. The BST system uses a compact digital camera for excellent image quality and offers numerous innovative functions that are unique in the entry-level segment in web monitoring. POWERScope 5000 is available with a number of options, like motorized traverses and 21.5" multitouch monitors.

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