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Shenzhen Apuka Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015, The main business direction is machine vision system research and development of intelligent manufacturing equipment. Since its establishment, the company has obtained a number of software Copyrights and patents. In 2018, it was rated as a national high-tech enterprise. The core team members have been engaged in the research and development of machine vision and artificial intelligence systems for nearly 20 years, and have made remarkable achievements. At present, the company mainly focuses on the label software package appearance quality automatic detection equipment research and development
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Function: 1.Defect detection function: Print breakage detection, word leakage, stains, ink spots and ink color detection. 2.High recognition rate of the barcode, two-dimensional code reading function. 3.The function of checking and comparing the variable code and wrong code and missing code, the function of storing and uploading the security code pictures. 4.Historical data browsing feature. 5.Practical, simple, friendly, convenient, efficient and intelligent modeling function. 6.Provide statistical analysis interface of report forms and two-dimensional code and one-dimensional code data to provide quality control basis for enterprises. 7.Optical character recognition function, multi-font character model function. 8.Detection accuracy level division function. 9.Ink detection function, E≥3 10.Distance detection function, distance measurement function

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