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“Consumables Purchase” Expands in Printing South China and Sino-Label
Publish Date: 2022/01/26
The packaging cost is directly linked to the cost of the raw materials. With the rising paper prices and labor costs, how can printing companies further enhance their comprehensive competitiveness by reducing costs and increasing efficiency?

——On March 4-6, 2022, “Consumables Purchase” in Printing South China can help with that.

In the past 28 years, Printing South China and Sino-Label have been committed to providing high-quality printing and labeling solutions for the industry and helping manufacturers to reduce costs and increase efficiency. In 2022, the expo expands and launches “Consumables Purchase”, jointly with high-quality suppliers to bring various innovative packaging materials to create an all-rounded, efficient and one-stop consumables procurement platform!

Nearly 100 Exhibitors Provide Solutions For Your Year-round Consumables
Nearly 100 premium consumables exhibitors gather to display a large number of consumable products and accessories, such as paper, ink, hot stamping film, foil, self-adhesive, in-mold labeling, packaging tape, etc., to meet the needs of printing and packaging manufacturers.

Premium Exhibitors of Consumables
(The following exhibitors and exhibits are listed in no particular order.)

Dongguan Yoke Printing Materials Co., Ltd.(Booth no.:2.1 Hall 2230)
UV Varnish For Paper

It can be applied to paper printing and post-printing surface treatment to protect ink printing graphics and texts. It has wear-resistant, waterproof and anti-skid properties, and can achieve bronzing, reverse, high-gloss, matte and other effects.

Shenzhen Sheungfuyuan Packing Material Co., Ltd.(Booth no.:3.1 Hall 3140)
Hot Stamping Paper

It can be hot stamped on UV oil, light film, matte film, tactile film, and anti-scratch film. The adhesion can be tested up to 3M 610.

Guangdong Eko Film Manufacture Co., Ltd.(Booth no.:2.1 Hall 2130)
Pre-coating Film and Digital Sleeking Foil

Products are widely used in a variety of printed matter. There are many choices for product types based on the needs of different customers. Anti-scratch and tactile films are introduced for high-end prints. For digital prints and prints with high adhesion requirements, it is recommended to use super-viscous pre-coating films which bring customers additional value.

Guangzhou Lord Art Paper Co., Ltd.(Booth no.:2.1 Hall 2835)
Binding Cloth

Products are widely used in gift boxes, jewelry boxes, cosmetic boxes, wine boxes, photo albums, notebooks, stamp albums, licenses, recipes, hardcover books, tea boxes and other packaging.

Kurz Group(Booth no.:5.2 Hall D07)
Digital Metal

Kurz Digital Metal consists of foil, equipment and software. It is easier to implement and very effective. Hot stamping foil can be digitally or traditionally stamped, providing new perspectives and interesting new business areas.

Guangzhou Darong New Material Co., Ltd.(Booth no.:3.2 Hall C19)
YUPO IML Material

YUPO IML Material is a multi-layer structure of polypropylene resin. With its good toughness, tear-resistance and impact resistance, it has good integration and bonding with plastic molding. It can be applied on the labels of plastic products such as daily chemicals, food, medicine, petroleum, and chemical products.

Soontomax (Taishan) Label Material Co., Ltd.(Booth no.:3.2 Hall C25)
UV Adhesive Material

To be a replacement of oil glue, UV Adhesive Material has stronger wear resistance and higher washing durability, which can fulfill the demands of removable and no residual glue, etc. It also provides a safer and green solution (no solvent and VOC emission, FDA certificated) for the produce with re-lifting open labels, water labels, tire labels, etc.

Lecco (Kaiping) Adhesive Products Co., Ltd.(Booth no.:3.2 Hall B26)
Label Materials

It provides the solution for a variety of product categories including electronic and electrical labels, daily chemical labels, toy labels, medical labels, logistics labels, clothing labels, transportation labels, wet and dry tissue labels, advertising labels, food labels, alcohol labels, stationery labels, children's labels stickers.

Pre-register Now And Visit The Consumables Exhibitors

The pre-registration platform of The 28th South China International Exhibition on Printing Industry and The China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology 2022 is now open. Let’s pre-register and visit the consumables exhibitors in this grand event! See you on 4-6 March, 2022, China Import and Export Fair Complex (Area A), Guangzhou.

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