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Sino-Label Seizes the Anti-counterfeiting Label Market
Publish Date: 2021/11/29
In this 5G era, the rapid development of the Internet is changing the consumption habits of people. The online shopping demand for food, beverages, daily necessities, cosmetics, clothing, electronic appliances and other products continues to increase. On the other hand, the requirements for product safety are also getting higher. Therefore, the traceability of the products is particularly important, which leads the market demand for anti-counterfeiting traceable labels to become a new growth point in the development of the anti-counterfeiting industry.

According to Smithers market analysis, the global anti-counterfeiting, brand protection and security packaging market are currently valued at US$3.24 billion. The market value is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 5.6% and will exceed US$4.26 billion by 2026 (Data source: The Future of Anti-Counterfeiting, Brand Protection and Security Packaging to 2026). To seize the anti-counterfeiting label market, Sino-Label provides suitable solutions.

Anti-counterfeiting Innovative Materials and Technologies Expand Your Business and Services

QR code is the most widely known anti-counterfeiting traceable label due to its easy operation. With the designated QR code anti-counterfeiting system or mobile phone software, people can easily obtain a series of real product safety information. There are other anti-counterfeiting methods in the market, such as holographic anti-counterfeiting, temperature change anti-counterfeiting, code anti-counterfeiting, RFID and NFC anti-counterfeiting. In order to prevent counterfeiting, brand owners try every means to provide consumers with safety and quality assurance through scientific anti-counterfeiting technologies and materials.

Sino-Label joins hands together with high-quality suppliers to create the 【Anti-counterfeiting Traceability Zone】, displaying the latest anti-counterfeiting technologies and innovative anti-counterfeiting materials, and providing anti-counterfeiting traceability solutions for multiple terminal industry brands such as food, beverage, daily chemical, logistics, and medicine. The solution platform helps enterprises to upgrade technology and enhance brand services.

(The following anti-counterfeiting label exhibitors and exhibits are listed in no particular order.)

Shenzhen Jingyuan Technology Co., Ltd.(Booth no.:4.2C09)
Laser Anti-counterfeiting Label

Laser anti-counterfeiting label, also known as a holographic anti-counterfeiting label, is an anti-counterfeiting label that uses laser color hologram plate-making technology and molded technology. The achievable plate-making technologies are dot matrix dynamic light, one-time special laser film, 3D optical miniature background, colorful optics random interference, Chinese and English uranium abbreviations, etc.

Zhejiang Yushi Packing Material Co., Ltd.(Booth no.:3.2B22)
Metallized Composite Film

The metallized film is a new type of composite flexible packaging material formed by coating an extremely thin layer of metal aluminum on the plastic film surface with a special process. The metalized composite film has both the characteristics of plastic film and metal nature. It is non-toxic and tasteless with high tensile strength and good stiffness. It is cracking resistance, oxygen and moisture resistance. With corrosion resistance, stable shrinkage and excellent electrical and optical properties, it is adaptable to post-processing such as printing and lamination.

Mingbo Anti-forgery Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.(Booth no.:5.2E18)
UV Fluorescent Ink

It can emit visible light under the irradiation of UV light with a wave length of 200-400nm. Depending on the wave length of the excitation light source, it can be divided into short-wave UV fluorescent inks (254nm), long-wave UV fluorescent inks (365nm) and double wave UV fluorescent inks. Color changes are included colorless to colored, colored to original fluorescent color, and colored to another fluorescent color.

Wenzhou South Bean Technology Co., Ltd.(Booth no.:3.2A06)
Digital Laser Holographic Plate-making System

"Digital Laser Holographic Plate-making System" is an intelligent design and production system, which contains dynamic image processing and control systems. The original laser hologram can be made through various dynamic effects with a dot matrix pattern of any text or image. The generated laser holographic image has dynamic effects under any observation range and light source.

The exhibition area of Sino-Label is expected to exceed 45,000sq.m., covering digital/ flexo/ offset/ rotary label printing equipment, label printing materials and accessories, RFID and anti-counterfeit traceability solutions, etc. It is held concurrently with Printing South China, Sino-Pack, and PACKINNO, discovering the full industry chain of printing, labeling and packaging while providing a series of practical and innovative printing and packaging solutions for end-consumer brand enterprises.

Looking forward to seeing you on 4-6 March 2022 at Guangzhou to unlock the new business opportunities!

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