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Publish Date: 2021/11/08
With the era of electronic intelligent technology, more electronic products appear in people's lives, and those 3C product packaging boxes are also varied. Depending on materials, 3C product packaging boxes can be divided into three categories, namely outer mounting paper, middle mounting paper and inner sticker. For the printing process, 3C product packaging boxes are mostly used four-color printing and gold-silver spot color printing.

To have a vision on 3C product packaging boxes, Printing South China has set up 【Intelligent Automatic Packaging Printing Zone】 and 【Paper Container Packaging Zone】 to bring practical, efficient, and innovative 3C product packaging and printing solutions.

Premium Exhibitors for Packaging Box Printing Technology and Skills for 3C Products
(The following exhibitors and exhibits are listed in no particular order.)

Wenzhou Zhongke Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.(Booth no.:3.1 Hall 3520)
ZK-3525D Fully Automatic Box Folding Machine

The equipment adopts a double-station forming mechanism, a servo programmable motion controller system, a vision and robot positioning system, and a human-machine interface intelligent system to realize intelligent operation functions, digital adjustment methods and parameterized function settings. It realizes the high positioning accuracy and easy adjustment of replacement specifications by more stable operation and smoother production movements. The carton has the characteristics of automatic paper feeding, gluing, positioning, lamination, folding box and forming box operations at once. The use of the double-station forming mechanism greatly improves production efficiency. The original single-camera image acquisition system improves the accuracy and pass rate of the product, and the production speed reaches 50 pieces per minute. This machine is widely used in 3C product packaging boxes, mobile phone boxes, jewelry boxes, cosmetic boxes, watch boxes, bevel boxes, book boxes, gift boxes, etc.

Zhejiang Xinwei Machinery Co., Ltd.(Booth no.:4.1 Hall 4510)

Modular product design and production can enhance the compatibility and diversity of the machinery, which is beneficial to the industry by its convenience and diversity.

Zhejiang Jinbao Machinery Co., Ltd.(Booth no.:4.1 Hall 4520)
JB-106AS Automatic Servo Control Screen Printing Press

JB-106AS is a new type of intelligent screening printing machine, independently developed with property rights owning 3 invention patents and 5 utility model patents. It ensures the printing quality speeding up to 5000 sheets per hour in full-scale printing. The customized products printing speed can be as high as 6000 sheets per hour, which is the best choice for paper-plastic boutique packaging, ceramics and cellophane, textiles, metal signs, plastic switches, electronic and electrical components and other industries.

Shanghai Yoco Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.(Booth no.:4.1 Hall 4501)
YOCO Cold Foil Unit

The equipment can be retrofitted with offset printing and flexo printing machines of any brand and format. It can be applied for high-end packaging such as cigarette packs, cosmetic packaging boxes, toothpaste boxes, etc. The maximum cold foiling speed can reach 12,000 sheets per hour.

Dongguan Huihuang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.(Booth no.:2.1 Hall 2601)
Huihuang H-3211 Fully Automatic Visual Positioning Double-headed Box Making Machine

H-3211 is an excellent equipment for making high-end high-quality box covers. The whole production is under a fully automatic online machine, and its production efficiency is several times higher than traditional craftsmanship. It also has fault diagnosis and alarm functions, and the operation is safe and secure. It is suitable for making jewelry boxes, electronic product packaging boxes and all kinds of lip and base cover gift boxes.

Dongguan Long XingJian Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.(Booth no.:2.1 Hall 2605)
Intelligent Lid and Base Box Making Machine

This machine is a high-speed box production equipment with its "one positioning and double molding" characteristics. The maximum molding speed is 45 pieces per minute. This machine is easy operating and accurately positioned, and its positioning data can be saved. By inputting the corresponding size of the molding part, production can be automatically completed the adjustment. The machine is an ideal equipment for producing large quantities of gift boxes.

Zhejiang Zihong Intelligent Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd.(Booth no.:3.1 Hall 3630)
Zihong Folding Gluing Machine

The machine equips with a quality inspection function which improves the product quality qualification rate and shortens the process flow during the production process. The printing surface avoids scratching by feeding the paper downward with its printing side. The configuration is convenient and flexible so that it can be either used alone as an inspection machine or equipped with an existing gluing machine under any modification. It has s comprehensive inspection on both printing sides.

Dongguan XCS Machinery Co., Ltd.(Booth no.:5.1 Hall 5530)
High-speed Automatic Multifunctional Inspection Folding

This machine adopts integrating inspection, folding and gluing mode. It can improve production efficiency by realizing the inspection of missing printing, white dot, color differences and font defection with its inspection and waste removal system. The inspection parameters can be saved and used in a few seconds.

Printing South China will be held concurrently with Sino-Label, Sino-Pack, and PACKINNO on 4-6 March, 2022. It covers the entire chain of print-to-pack production and end-product application solutions, which is a one-stop procurement and information exchange platform for printing, labeling and packaging. Let’s join the grand event of the printing and packaging industry in March at Guangzhou.

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