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Neenah launches Dispersa DT for direct thermal printing
Publish date: 2021-07-13


Neenah has launched water-dispersible Dispersa DT, an innovative extension to its popular portfolio developed as a sustainable option for applications such as food rotation labels and reusable plastic container labels.

Using the innovative technology developed for its paper-based Dispersa line, Neenah added a direct thermal print coating to Dispersa DT labels that are designed to disperse in water along with any imprinted or handwritten graphics.

‘In direct thermal printing, media selection has a direct impact on the life of the print head. Our proprietary direct thermal coating is less abrasive, which contributes to less coating residue build up on the print heads and more life out of your equipment,’ commented Kelli Clark, label product manager for Neenah.

The Dispersa product line of labels, tags, and pouches is designed for functionality with sustainability in mind. All products are made with FSC controlled fibers and several of the products have been tested for flushability and bio-based content.


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