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In two decades arduous efforts, YOUNGSUN Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. Continues researching/improving and manufacturing traditional machineries, and we launched our latest high-end used machinery, RFID applying machines. Heres list of machineries. RFID Labeling machine RFID encode machine RFID encode & inkjet print machine 1-9 colors flexo printing machines, including on-running registration flexo print machine; Cut fold machine, with hot & cold, ultrasonic option Single cut machine, with hot & cold, ultrasonic option Screen print machine Oven & plate maker
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1. Machine integrates the new functions of compounding, printing, slitting (paper slitting and ultrasonic slitting) and die cutting, realizes production automation and integration, speeds up production and meets customers' different requirements for production. 2. The machine can realize single and double channel production, which doubles production speed. 3. Both dry and wet inlay can be produced quickly on this machine.


1. Speed: the fastest can be up to 1 m / s; can print more than 2 rolls of materials at the same time, improve production efficiency; 2. Large solid bottom; can be used for large area solid printing, solid enough on the ground, and can be used for the whole surface printing and dyeing, the effect is even and solid; 3. Solid enough color: this model is letterpress printing, printing directly with the printed matter, printed with a variety of materials with clear fonts, dark enough; 4. Do not lose color: use special ink, dry fixed color, the printing matter is resistant to washing and not discoloration, the printed products can withstand strong water washing and graphite washing test, environmental and non-toxic, can be safely used; 5. Universal size: proper replacement of plate cylinder, can be printed with different lengths, a machine with multiple uses, reduce repeated investment; 6. Suitable material for this machine: ribbon, cotton tape, nylon tape, paper bag, adhesive tape, etc.


Material availability: single paper label containing RFID, such as tag, ticket, film ticket, etc. Function: Encode & decode above labels and detect them at the same time. Working process: card issuing scanning(QR/barcode)- encoding - password setting- detecting chip - QR code / barcode detection (EPC) - waste removal - stacking and receiving. Characteristic: 1. One-stop process, encoding, decoding and testing, to improve the speed of label production, as well as label utilization. 2. Imported encoding , decoding and detection software to ensure the chip accuracy. 3. Computerized data operation system, scientific and simple system control.

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