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Guangdong Xinbao Software Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise, which is focused on barcode equipment manufacturing and barcode software research and development. The core of our company is the advanced barcode/RFID technology based in Auto-ID industry. We insist on independent R&D and develop our own brand name "bsc", "QQTCW". With more than 10 years experience in R&D, manufacturing, and sales, we have full product range including Rewinder, Dispenser, Scanner, Label Applicator, and Printer. Meanwhile, we obtain many patents of innovation, invention, and practicality from the government. All these efforts make us in the leading role of this industry. We are successfully listed at OTC market in 2016 which let us become the first listed company with software and hardware technology of barcoding.
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bsc Series label rewinders which are your best choice. You can own one easy operation & economic and durable label rewinder, No need manual rewind when printing, Resolve trivial manual rewinding process, Reduce labour intensity,Improve label printing quality(labels stick dust easily or destroy if not rewind on time). It can help enterprises save labor cost, Promote working efficiency, Improve enterprise image, it is the good helper for the labeling personnel, Also it is the good partner for the boss.


bsc Series label dispensers, Change traditional way dispense labels in production line and assembly line, it can seperate face and release paper quickly, Improve paste effection,Reduce working difficulty, No need manual dispense labels, Realise one hand labeling, Reslove trivial manual process for labeling personnel, Reduce labour intensity,Improve working efficiency, No wrinkle, No destroy, No effect label stickiness. It can help enterprises save labour cost, Improve working efficiency, Promote enterprises image, it is the good helper for the labeling personnel, Also it is the good partner for the boss.


bsc series hand-held label machine is a new concept labeling tool, the machine is simple to operate, labeling speed fast, enhance three times higher than manual labeling, it can save labor intensity, and it is a good helper for enterprises. *Easy to operate, no need power and gas source, it can paste labels on any object, labeling neatly, simple to operate, labels remove from the bottom paper automatically when hand pressing, finsh affixed with labeled object; *Easy to install labels, just roll labels and place in it; *Suitable for diversified specification labels: square、round、ellipse、rectangle,flat(sticker) and so on, also it can paste outer packing box(eg:colour code、qualified trademark、barcode and other kinds of sticker), Better effect to paste laser stickers on books、audio and video products; *Easy and simple to change labels,label non-stick hands; *Light material and can be handled for long time.

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