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The Company (abbreviated as: I HOPE) was established in 2015, focusing on the research and development of Toshiba printhead inkjet technology, with Toshiba printhead "inkjet printing technology" as the core product, targeting different industries, different scales, Provide professional wide-format and industrial-grade inkjet printing technology solutions for different applications.
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Toshiba CF3R internal circulation printhead, 4-20PL grayscale printhead, 600NPI ultra-high resolution, with 300NPi / row directly flow through all nozzle large flow cycles; Ink circulation realizes the reliability and long life of the print. For the injection of large particle size and high specific gravity, high viscosity ink has very good adaptability, and can accurately control the volume of ink droplets per nozzle, reduce color density is uneven, two color in a head also makes the printer more compact

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