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specializing in providing comprehensive product solutions and professional color services for the printing field. The company combines years of experience and cooperates with international professional manufacturers. Service company. Combined with years of experience, the company cooperates with international professional manufacturers, such as Ashley X-Rite, Netherlands IGT, Eizo, Epson, easicolor and fantac, to jointly promote the improvement of printing quality.
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In the face of strong competitiveness, printers and transfer printers must improve production efficiency and strictly control color to deal with the new market trend. Minimizing the waste of time and resources caused by rework is the key to the profitability of packaging and printing enterprises. However, printing color management based on eyes or ink density measurement can not meet these requirements. Introducing the new generation of automatic color scanning equipment into the printing color management process, printers and packaging transfer printers can quickly complete the preparation work, reduce waste and ensure color quality.


Exact is a market leading spectrophotometer designed for printers and packers. It is mainly used to verify CMYK and spot color inks, ink room, quality control, printing and packaging facilities. The instrument combines diversified operation tools and a wide range of industry color standards to improve printing process control, and can be connected with pantonelive and netprofiler to significantly improve the color accuracy in the workflow.


IGT Testing Systems has developed the advanced computerised F1 printability testers for flexo and gravure inks. The F1 makes colour strips with flexo and gravure inks, which can be used for many purposes and has specially been designed to aid computerised colour measuring and colour matching systems. The F1 saves on costs because colour testing on the printing press is no longer necessary.

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