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Kingstar technology co. Ltd is a national high-tech enter-prise integrated with research, development, manufacturing and sales, located in airport industrial park, Jiangning district, Nanjing. The company has been deeply involved in the field of digital printing for many years. Its a full sup-plier of technology, products and services in the field of digital inkjet printing. The company takes users demand as guidance, and takes the variable data printing and the digital post-printing as core direction, to promote the development of digital post-printing efficiency. The company will do its best to provide a com-plete solution and value-added service for users with high quality products and profes-sional service. of technology, products and services in the field of digital inkjet print- ing. The company takes the users demand as the guidance, and takes the variable data printing and the digital post-printing as the core direc-tion, to promote the development of the digital post-printing efficiency.
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Industrial color digital printing system COASO iCueLabel 420 is the most innovative full-color digital printer to meet any demanding short and long production runs.It produces security prints of production quantities. iCueLabel 420 is designed with the latest inkjet technology to provide superior color richness and finest print quality. iCueLabel 420 uses a water-based ink that is environment friendly and suitable for a variety of applications such as book and magazine publications, self-stick labels, PET, PVC, PE, and PP. iCueLabel 420 boasts a user-friendly system control on touch panels to simplify and streamline print process that is otherwise complicated and costly.iCueLabel 420 runs with strong industrial-grade manufacturing processes to meet any production expectations.iCueLabel 420 has the highest cost performance ratio and the profit potentials that commercial printers are increasingly after.


COASO iCuejet&iFoil 420W UV Varnish & Foiling System Series as the first UV foil embosser with its intelligent positioning system and the latest inkjet technology, enhancements with unrivaled quality and full close-loop automation technology. The web 420W print foil system is capable of producing a wide range of post-printing and foilingand to live up to the most demanding production processes and thereby guarantees the highest uptime and output. The systemboasts with a cost performance ratio and state-of-art digitalization of inkjet technology that will undoubtedly help owners of COASO iCuejet&iFoilsystem to find a niche at the ever-competitive market of printing products.


The unique LED laser full-color digital label printing system provides the most suitable solution for variable data and customized small batch label production demand in the current market. The four-color high-resolution output, especially the increase of spot color white toner, enables the system to complete many tasks that the color digital label machine can not do. The advanced sensor detection system can also accept the actual production of die-cut coil Now it is accurate set printing, with wide material adaptability, basically without coating on the material surface, which reduces the production cost. The printed label has a very good performance in heat resistance, light resistance and water resistance. The continuous production speed of 4-6 M / min can complete the task of small batch orders and achieve the ability of timely delivery.

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