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Shenzhen LABELFENG printing machine co.,ltd was established for many years.We commit ourself to develop,produce and sell Fully Rotary Relief Printing Presses(Satellite type ranging from 1~15colors),Roll to Roll silk screen CNC Printing Press(1~2colors),and also the improvement,technology research and development of the above machine.

LABELFENG printing machinery co.,ltd has a strong technical force. Our technical engineers are all have many years of working experience in Taiwan printing machine factory,and they have rich experience in Fully Rotary Relief Printing Presses(Satellite type).

LABELFENG Printing machinery co.,ltd cooperate with many Taiwan enterprise in high precision spare parts,and import electrical component from Japan,America,etc.We focus on building a professional team,providing customers with best equipment and printing solution.

We persist in the concept of “humance,science and technology”,giving best service to customers based on our profession.We look forward to cooperate with you in a win-win way.
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