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Security Technology Inc. (SECUTAC) incorporated at Shenzhen in 2008, specializing in manufacturing of Tamper Evident Label Materials, Destructible Materials, Polyimide High Temperature Resistance Materials, Flame Retardant Materials and Inkjet Printable Materials with intensive R&D. The self-built industrial park at Dongguan has 60,000+ square meters, and the Thousand and Ten-Thousand level dust-free workshop has 10,000+ square meters.

SECUTAC always pays much attention to customer services and made every effort to meet the customers stringent security demands. With numerous investment focusing on R&D activities, initiated by lots of researchers in Huazhong University of Science and Technology, SECUTAC has boasted more than 10 core security technologies to answer the customer needs.

We are not tied to using any one proprietary technology, giving you an access to the solution you need for every labelling application in one place.
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