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We K+B is the pioneer of flexible die, and 40 years of history. We have the most extensive product line, including coating treatment, laser hardening, non-stick coating, available for all cutting web-type self-adhesive materials, IML label, electronic label, anti-counterfeit label, envelope, Inline offset cutting for sheet material, etc.
GapMaster is our Kocher+Becks original innovative product, classic product in the industry, which is used to adjust cutting depth of label material and uneven cutting, parallel and single-side adjustability ,substantial increase of die life,and decrease complaint to zero,durability with ultra service life. Always imitated, never surpassed
We K+B have the most extensive experience and knowledge in the printing and cutting industry, and designed and developed variety of indivdual solutions of die stations. And we also assemble innovative pressure gauge KMS-2 or KMS-3 or KMS for Omet machine specially. And GapMaster and Quich Change Die system is also available to install in our station, promoting automation and intellectualization in printing and cutting machine .

Company Profile

Suzhou Abingo Printing Equipments Co.,Ltd. Is the authorized representative of Kocher+Beck in China market, which is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, and responsible for Kocher+Beck products selling in China market, and also pre-sales and post-sales service. We have rich experience in the industry, and Kocher+Becks main products are flexible die, solid rotary die, magnetic cylinder, GapMaster, Pressure gauge KMS, die station, print cylinder, hot stamping cylinder, slitter, sheeter, Tecsreen printing plate, Non-stop unwinding and rewinding system, etc.
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