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Our CXR-YB series is an OVERPRINTABLE cold foil which be suitable for cold stamping on the flexographic machine. For Various paper and film Label stickers. Main characteristics: Suit to small, medium good coverage High gloss Excellent abrasion and scratch resistance Universal and fine adhesion properties on paper and film materials. Fields of applications Plastic materials PE/PP/PET and non-absorbent paper. Self-adhesive Labels. Recommended : Dry/wet lamination for cold stamping section Speed and UV lamp power:60-80-100mt/min , 160-250watts/cm Adhesives for flexographic print : FLINT,XSYS etc. Available color: Silver /gold /Holographic Available size: 640mm -1280mm-1500mm
Digital foil,being another new focus from us,we have cooperated with equiment manufacturers,for developing of digital foil especially workable with MGI machine, It works perfectly with line and small area with different UV varnish treament, inline process stamping with good performance to enhace commercial value for finished products. Available color: Silver /gold Available size: 640mm -1280mm
The PT100 series plastic grade hot foil,used on various rigid and solid plastic materials, like PP,ABS,PE,PVC etc. Main characteristics: Suit to small,medium coverage High gloss Excellent abrasion and scratch resistance Universal and fine adhesion properties and good coverage on universal rigid and soft plastic material Our advantage: Running speed can be 1260 units/hour for solid tubes & bottles. Quality compete with French brand Adya foils. Fields of applications Container of cosmetics, lipstick tube, etc Recommended stamping temperature 160180℃ Available color: silver, gold and colorful available from our color chart Available size: 640mm -1280mm ( silver and gold gloss, metallic colors)

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S.foils, who experts in cold foil & hot stamping foil developing and manufacturing in China. Far East Yu La Industry ltd dedicated to offer quality product, service across the world and sincerely expect to cooperation with you. I.Oriented by technology innovation, Cold foil are produced with stable Overprint performance. Especially, workable on laminated OPP/PET film,UV varnish top sheet labels, self-adhesive stickers, folding cartons and advertising materials. II.Hot stamping foil for soft plastics,such as UV-lacquered tubes, gives much better performance, being another New Focus. It attracts market for high refractive gloss and fine details definition, for cosmetics parts. III.Hot stamping foil for all self-adhesive and sheet-fed labels.At low pressure to stamp perfect on surface of UV lacquer coating stickers,for liquor label and shampoo label,etc. Here, S.foils meets all of your Customized Requests at One-Stop! Come to find S.foils at booth no.7706 For details!
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