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豹驰春蕾专业生产和销售中高端印刷和工业胶辊。 平版印刷胶辊 (海德堡,罗兰,高宝,展人,良明,利优比,三菱,富士筱原,冠华,滨田,等各类高速平版印刷机) 标签轮转印刷机 炜冈,太阳,中特,万杰等等

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Baochi Chunlei company was founded in 2000. It was founded by Shanghai printing group, Leopard Group and Japanese Tec company. In 2019, the company will move to Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. The company mainly produces and sells all kinds of high-end printing and industrial Cots. It is the designated supplier of main famous printing machine manufacturers at home and abroad
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