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T500 is a full-automatic tension controller. It adopts 16 - bit high-precision AD sampling for 1us. The sensor has high signal precision and high speed. It can drive magnetic powder brake. The sensor can be connected with single / double pressure sensors or can work automatically without internal calculation of sensors.
When the printing press is running at high speed, the human eye cannot observe the quality of the printed image. A monitoring system must be used to observe the still image. The image monitoring system uses new technology and new methods to turn high-speed moving images into "still" images that are easily accepted by the human eye, and can be partially enlarged to detect small printing defects in time, and take corresponding measures to improve print quality.

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Chongqing ARISE Technology Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise integrating light, machine, electricity and Internet. It focuses on the research and development and production of position sensors, web guiding system and tension system such as photoelectric, CCD, color sensitivity and ultrasonic. The existing R&D personnel of R&D department are composed of researchers who have more than 10 years of rich experience in the industry. They have strong innovation ability, are good at the application of new devices, have both software and hardware technologies, and have a wide range of team disciplines. Today, the R&D software and hardware platform is well-equipped. It has four national invention patents, eight utility model patents, ten appearance patents and two software copyrights. Our products have obtained the international certification of CE, EMC electromagnetic interference, ESD static test and so on. The tension and deviation correction system produced by the company is widely used in domestic paper, label, tobacco, printing, packaging, paper making, steel, rubber tire, wire and cable, textile, cloth, lithium battery and other industries.
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