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Improved consistency and reliability in slitting quality; Electronic features self-calibrate overlap and side force to minimize the potential for operator error; Proper settings reduce blade wear, contributing to less downtime and operating costs; Electric operation eliminates dust and grime commonly associated with pneumatic operations;
This cost-effective guiding system is easy to use and install, while using new technology to help you eliminate scrap and improve efficiency. At the heart of the FIFE-500 is a color touch screen thats easy to use, featuring icons and text in multiple languages to simplify operation and reduce the time necessary for training. FIFE-500 leverages the latest technology to improve performance and brushless motors to reduce maintenance. Faster core processing speeds mean that the FIFE-500 can adapt quickly to changes in the web, even at high line speeds.
Replacing nip roll and S-wraps for improved safety and reduced scrap; Ultra-fine, seamless, nickel screen for the most delicate coated materials; A wide variety of custom options; Ultra-thin coated films; Pressure-sensitive papers; Decorative products; Adhesive tapes and optical film for the aerospace, biomedical and pharmaceutical industries.

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