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The LabelRoll series are specifically developed for quality inspection of narrow web applications and labels such as With next generation PrintingPlus 6.0 software and hardware design, it provides users a brand new inspection experience. Much more impact design to easily fit in different platforms. Up to 300m/min speed, the production efficiency is optimized meanwhile to achieve 100% quality inspection of common and very small defects and 3D defects like missing print, dirty spot, broken writing, bubble, scratch and excessive glue etc.. Various upgrade options to check variable data, high-accuracy color variation, printing proof, clear on clear labels and high-reective materials to fulfll dierent needs. In addition, LUSTER also supply integrated slitting rewinder to provide all-in-one platform for better performance and customer support.
LabelMan-220T Series Table Top Offline Quality Inspection is a brand new label inspection which is LUSTERs independent research and development product. It is exclusively developed for small-batch orders. The main features are all-in-one, short web path and small in size, which can significantly increase the production efficiency and decrease the waste of materials during machine debugging and order exchanging processes. The whole machine is controlled by full servo with the advantages of high accuracy, long lifespan, short maintenance period and quick trouble removal. The machine is highly integrated with inspection system, the uniform operation interface and precise machine halt bring users a better using experience.
The PrintingProof Inspection System can eectively proof digital fles, printing samples, and sample fles to control the quality in pre-press stage. It can be used to detect the errors in the pre-printing process, such as mis-registration, dirty spots, missing content, color variation, text/graphics/print errors, etc. The system is applicable throughout the whole process of printing, such as proofreading for the original sample and film assembly, initial printing, random printing sample inspection, etc. The system features high inspection efciency and accuracy, which can signifcantly improve your work efciency.

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Founded in 1996, LUSTER LightTech has become a leading modern high-tech enterprise. We provide innovative and competitive high-end solution, product and service in display screen, 3C electronics, printing, glass, scientific imaging, 3D, VR, radio and television. LUSTER always insists on the customer-orientation and demand-orientation. Based on the solid experience in precision imaging technology, vision software technology, machine vision system and automation accumulated in the past decades, we build the future industrial artificial intelligence system in a pioneering spirit to improve the rapid progress and development of the industry.
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