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Advantages of Caibang NB600 automatic color mixing simulation machine: Touch control technology, man-machine interaction is more convenient, any operation and setting functions can be easily realized on the screen. Main technical parameters of Caibang NB600 automatic color mixing simulation machine: Power: AC220V, 50Hz, 350W Effective area of ink color bar: 40X210mm (4 bars) 60X210mm (3 bars) 100X210mm(2 bars),optional. Printing dimension: 290X250 mm Outline dimension: 550x440x320mm Ink uniforming speed: Three directly selectable rates on the control panel of the equipment, that is 400, 550 and 700rpm. Each rate can be set freely from 0 to 1,000rpm, with stepless frequency conversion speed regulation Printing speed: Three directly selectable rates on the control panel of the equipment, that is 10, 15 and 20rpm. Each rate can be set freely from 0 to 30rpm, with stepless frequency conversion speed regulation Ink uniforming time: 1-800s, adjustable. Net weight: About 80kg
NCB rotogravure printability tester model CB100-E: Technical Specifications Input voltage AC220V 50Hz-60Hz Power 150W Printing force 00.0-100.0% fine adjustment.. Printing speed 10-130 metre/Minute, Touch Control Adjustment Dimension 525X430X280mm Anilox cylinder size 130X170mm or 80X160mm Pattern engraving: Official standard, Custom with special lineature is available. Printing area 120*380 mm or 120*220 mm Official engraving Lineatures of 40μm (78L /cm); 45μm (71L/cm); 50μm (62L/cm); 55μm (58L/cm) Color Strips size: 50X80mmX4 prismatictooth angle 120Screen Angles 45 Substrate size 140*328mm (semi-perimeter) or 140*658mm (full perimeter) Printing area: 120X380mm Paper core Inside diameter 76MMouter diameter95MM Substrate roll size: ≤ 200MM Over Printing Low precision over printing by roller 130, Automatically switch to over printing or chromaticity printing.
Item: CB150-Y Application: Single color proofing In put: 220V50/60Hz Power 300W Ink supply: by dropper Applicable toFlexo water base ink, UV ink, solvent ink,letterpress ink, offset ink Substrate thickness0.01-2mm (bendable) Substrate size150x200mm SubstratePaper, poly films, non-woven fabric napkin and cardboardetc Pressure between ceramic roller & plate cylinder; Adjustable Pressure between plate cylinder & impress roller:Adjustable Printing speed10-60m/minute Printing area100x150mm Printing plate size120x185mm Printing plate thickness1.7mm Adhasive:0.3mm Ceramic roller sizeφ70x140mm Ceramic roller: 1 piece of official standard ceramic roller, Custom design lineature (70-1200lpi) is availbable. Machine dimension525x525x450mm NW: 90KG UV Curing system (Optional)

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Zhongshan Nuobang Color Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional color matching equipment manufacturer integrating development, production and sale into a whole. The Company mainly develops and produces CaiBang color mixing simulation machine (including color mixing simulation machines for four printing methods, that is offset printing, relief printing, flexo printing and gravure printing), ink agitator, ink quantifier, ink solidifying machine and gravure proofing machine. It also develops Nuobang Peiseda color matching software, and sells as an agency of Techkon Company (Germany) its spectral density meter and online printing testing control systems. After many years of development, the Company has become an integrated supplier of professional color matching solutions with its own copyright and intellectual property right.
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