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The stroboscope (DT-330EL) is our latest developed new energy product, which use America CREE high power LED lamps and have the characteristics of wide measurement range, high brightness, uniform brightness, long life time, it can be used any time and any where, lightweight and compact design. Easy to operate with the thumb, built-in lithium battery, single use for more than 5 hours. This instrument used to measure movement of objects, when strobe flash speed same with high speed moving objects, what we see is a relatively static state. Under this principle we can clearly observe movement of the gear wheels, working condition of all kinds of rotor. This instrument is also widely used in packaging and printing industries, check printing quality, die cutting, punching, folding; Used for textile spinning and winding machine spindle speed measurement; Used in machinery manufacturing non-contact speed oscillation amplitude and vibration frequency measurement, detection, tool wear and machining center; Can also be used in aircraft manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, printing, mining, shipbuilding, steel cable, chemical, optical, medical and other industries.
BST-333E big power hand-held LED strobe is our newest developed high-tech product, it is the first set using laser sensor recognize pattern technology to realize automatic flash sync to inspect printing pattern; It is an automatic positioning, fixed length, laser set number flashes in a variety of ways, at the same time with automatic scan, phase angle measurement, single exposure time setting, duty cycle time setting, external trigger fixed-length function, etc; The light source adopts USA CREE 10 watts power, 34pcs or 75pcs LED lamps in parallel distribution, high brightness, life time more than 30000 hours, guarantee for two years (battery one year); Highest speed measuring 1.2 million revolutions per minute; Display with 480 x320 color 3.2 -inch LCD screen, Japanese ALPS switch and rotary encoder, with two extra lithium battery pack for replacement, can use more than 20 hours after charge.

Company Profile

Wuhan Jingchuang Technology Co., Ltd as the pioneer and leader of China's LED stroboscope, we specialize in the production and development of stroboscope for 16 years. Our stroboscope is exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as Europe & United State. At the same time, the world's internationally renowned exhibitions such as 2015 Dubai, 2016 Drupa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and other rubber and plastics exhibitions have become the stage for promotion our brand ! We will promote the Wuhan Jingchuang (JCKJ) brand to the global market. Integrity is our promise, quality is our guarantee, service is our aim, JCKJ will continue to implement a full range of pre-sales and after-sales services for our customers, and customize more suitable technical solutions for customers.
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