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This machine movement can reach 600 strokeslmin, in order to complete a massive production With minimized labour force, it also features low operation noise and high cutting presicion, CY-808 is a technology leading product over the current ultrasonic cutting machine market.
Features: In the operation of the machine, the ink roller will transmit the appropriate amount of ink to the flexible plate mold, and then directly transfer the circular process of printing to the material, and can arbitrarily convert the corresponding plates to change the printing length, speed, exquisite printing, and the printing field. Uniform, Water-resistant, non-fading, in line with international environmental standards. Impressible materials: ribbon, nylon belt, cotton belt, herringbone belt, adhesive, roll paper and so on.
Smooth printing process without stopping the machine for registration is what defines the new AT2001 easy registration flexo printing machine. This engineering breakthrough allows the user to adjust the registration whilst printing, hence increasing in output and reduces wastage. "EASY SWAP "cylinder for instant colour or job change. This affordable, user friendly and high performance printing machine coupled with our super ultrasonic cutting machine gives you the next generation label production system be efficient, use "cai yu brand "!

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Guangzhou Caiyu Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of design, production and sales trademark printing machinery. The main products are: flexible version of the trademark printing machine(joint position, manual adjustment), micro-computer acoustic cutting machine, micro-computer fully automatic shear machine, Sun plate machine and other related supporting equipment. Products are widely used in clothing trademarks, textile accessories, food, supermarkets and other industries label printing and production. The purpose of the company is: integrity, innovation, quality, development; We support the core technology, will continue to provide you with professional services
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