VIP Buyer Programme

Based in Guangzhou and capitalizing South China's strengths in label printing, the China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology has established itself as a remarkable and influential one-stop procurement platform for advanced end-use packaging application, including food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and electronics, and it extends to a wider spectrum of label printing, decoration, processing and technological applications. Its comprehensive scope, quality products, effectiveness and services are highly recognized by exhibitors and visitors.

Through our VIP Buyer Program, you will be upgraded as our VIP BUYER to enjoy privilege services. Also, you will experience an excellent trip at our show, where you can have the industry latest news, to meet your prefect exhibitors and expand your business network of the industry.
Program Benefits:
-   Free VIP Admission Badge
-   Free Business Matching Services 
-   Free Daily Lunch Coupons
-   Complimentary Copy of Exhibition Catalogue
-   Enter the Exhibition Hall More Quickly, saving your valuable time for queuing at the buyer registration counter
-   Exclusive Use of VIP Lounge, where beverages are served throughout show days

Our experienced team of Business Matching specialists arranges personalized one-on-one meetings for suppliers and buyers.


Before the show:

  1. Provide your sourcing products/ materials/ machinery's requirement and budget
  2. According to your requirement, matching will be done with our exhibitors
  3. A list of suitable company profiles and the latest products / materials / machinery will be provided
  4. Well-arranged the business matching meeting schedule to make the trip efficiently






During the show:

  • Face to face meeting with the exhibitors
  • Factory visit to understand the supplier directly

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To apply the VIP Buyer Program, please send your details, our VIP Representative will assist you.