Based in South China and enjoyed geographical and economical strengthens of label printing, China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology (also known as “Sino-Label”) has established itself a remarkable and influential international exhibition in China covering the spectrum of label printing, decoration, processing and technological application. The 2015 event will be held from 9-11 March in the China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou. The content, standard, effectiveness and services of Sino- Label attain high recognition from the label converters worldwide. The exhibition has also received extensive support from industry associations, exhibitors and delegations from home and abroad. In 2015, 300 exhibitors from 16 different countries or regions, and around 22,000 visitors around the world will be expected. The show will be covered: Label & Narrow Web Printing Machinery, Bar Coding Equipment RFID Label Machinery, Smart Labels, In-mold Labeling, Self-adhesive Materials & Hot Melt System, Anti-counterfeit Technology, Label Security Solutions & Applications, Inks and Inking Systems, In-line Decoration Systems, Testing / Inspection Equipment & Accessories Label Printing Materials, Label and Advertisement Design, Industry Services, Relevant Trade Associations and Trade Publications. Other onsite activities planned for March include different forums and seminars, and we will invite industry professionals and key players to sharing their skills and experiences. In Sino-Label 2014, the show was serving as a hub for printing-related businesses and a must-attend buying platform for industry professionals. Famous exhibitors like HP, Roland, Horauf China, HongMing, Zihong, ChengMing, Zenbo, Win.Win, Shield Science, AOKE, CRON, Eastcom Lingtong, RISO, Channel 2 China, Debao, Tokyo Wenhong, Chengyuan, ZhenGrun, Guang, TianCen, Dragon, HuaYue, ShanShe and Asia Symbol pay significant efforts in this fair and got great satisfaction. The exhibitors were appreciative of the great turnout of buyers and found the fair fruitful. The next edition of the Sino-Label 2015, will be staged again in conjunction with Printing South China 2015, Sino-Pack 2015 and PACKINNO 2015 at China Import & Export Fair Complex on March 9-11. The organizers foreshadow to have a continuous enhancement and expansion on show scale, and be the irreplaceable trade platform for all industry players and promote the development of business.Company website – Event calendar Japan external trade organization – Event calendar Trade show news network 10 times: Business events online platform European business events online platform Trade show online platform India trade show online platform Asia trade show platform Trade show online platform Trade show online platform Trade show online platform

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Printing South China 2015 and Sino-Label 2015 Begin in March 9
Publish Date: Mar-09 2015
2015.03.09 The printing and packaging industries have faced some major challenges such as increasing labor costs and more stabilized economic growth, thus companies are looking for new directions to elevate their business in order to stay ahead of the increasingly ferocious competition.

Hence, four industry-focused exhibitions, The 22nd South China International Exhibition of Printing Technology (Printing South China 2015), The China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology (Sino-Label 2015), The 22nd China International Exhibition on Packaging Machinery & Materials (Sino-Pack 2015) and China (Guangzhou) International Exhibition on Packaging Products 2015 (PACKINNO 2015), will take place on March 9-11 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, PR China, co-organized by Adsale and China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corporation, and supported by Guangzhou Publishing and Printing Association and Guangdong Provincial Publishing & Printing Materials Co., Ltd.

The 2015 opening press conference has invited many distinctive guests to attend, including Zhu Zhong Nan, Inspector of Provincial Department of Publicity, Ms. Huang Xiao Ling, Chairman and Ms. Huang Ling, Inspector of the Administration of Press and Publication of Guangdong Province, Deng Guang Zhi, Associate Director of the Administration of Press and Publication of Guangdong Province Office, Yong Ge Hong, Director, Guo Jian Ping, Deputy Director and Chen Jian Xin, Deputy Investigator of Guangdong Provincial Publishing & Printing Materials Co., Ltd., Huang Dong Qiang, Vice Director of Service Centre of Press & Publication of Guangdong, Chen Jun, Chairperson, Hong Huan Ji, Secretary and Li Tong, Deputy Secretary of Guangdong Printing Association, Chen Jin Yin, Director and Chen Ming Ji, Secretary of Taiwan Printing Industry Association, Chui Jian Chang, Chairperson of Hong Kong Graphic Arts Association of Hong Kong, Fang Li Ying, Chairperson of Hong Kong Food Professional Association, Mr Alex Yau Tak Chung from Hong Kong Printers Association, Mr Atty Dominador D. Buhain from the Philippine Printing Technical Foundation, Cheng Li Yan, Secretary of EAcham, Mr Ricky Li, Chairperson of Hong Kong Printing Resources Center, Mr Zhu Yu Lun, Chairperson and Ms Celine To, General Manager of Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., Mr Ma Guo Li, Assistant General Manager of China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corporation, Zhao Wen, Assistant General Manager and He Jie Ying, Assistant General Manager of China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corporation Huaxing Branch, Li Qiao Ling, Secretary of Guangzhou Publishing and Printing Association, officials from provincial printing industry associations, representative from leading enterprises and various esteemed media!

Major Theme Zones Focus on Innovation and Applications

Printing South China 2015 and Sino-Label 2015, alongside with two other concurrent events, Sino-Pack 2015 and PACKINNO 2015, will cover a total exhibition area of 90,000 sqm with 9 major halls.

Printing South China 2015
Printing South China 2015 highlights several major industry trends such as environmentalism, efficiency and automation, with exhibitors presenting their latest products, such as Riso Technology's latest model – the Comcolor series, a cost-efficient and highly productive color printer.
Moreover, the 2015 new addition:Packaging Printing Theme Hall, offers post press machinery and production solutions for enterprises to expand their business opportunities.
Exciting exhibits include V-series bag making machine from Holweg Weber and digijet® series of digital printer- flexible inkjet printer and integrated solution that is applicable to paper packaging, soft packaging, tags and labelling, and can be applied to food and beverage, cosmetics and apparel sectors, from Win.Win Digital Security Pte.,Ltd.
Eco-friendly material suppliers include Sungjin Special Ink Co., Ltd., Korea's largest and most premium manufacturer on heat transfer film and other chemical products; Monarch Color Jiangmen Co, Ltd. produce eco-friendly offset inks with quality that are on par to that of US and Europe.

Sino-Label 2015
Sino-Label 2015 is divided into three theme halls: Professional Label Printing Machinery (Hall 8.1), Green Label Printing Materials (Hall 7.1) and Integrated Label Printing (Hall 6.1).
Exhibits include Founder K3000S from Beijing Founder Electronics, flexographic printing machine from Taiyo Kikai and Omet, latest RFID and intelligent labeling equipment from Yutian Machinery, digital labeling equipment from Xing Jin Lu Electronic, JDZ-2020 stainless steel Silk Screen Trademark Printing
Machine from Jingda Printing Machinery.
The show will also gather label material suppliers to showcase exhibits including self-adhesives, art paper, synthetic paper, reusable adhesive labels, anti-counterfeit labels, RFID labeling and in-mold label materials. Renowned exhibitors include Zhonashan Fu Zhou, King Label, Yupo, Four Pillars etc., building a one-stop sourcing ground for various end-user products such as cosmetics, food and beverage, petrol and healthcare products.

The IML Industry Chain Show, co-organized by Sino-Pack 2015 and Sino-Label 2015, is a one-stop display and sourcing ground of the whole IML industry, including in-mould labelling materials, printing, blow & injection moulding, intelligent machinery and plastic manufacturing.

In addition, RFID – Digital Labelling and Anti-Counterfeit Zone is another special zone that focuses on the application of RFID technology on anti-counterfeit, logistics and cosmetics sectors. Exhibitors of RFID digital labeling equipment manufacturers and material suppliers will present their latest products at the zone, including Shenzhen Xin Jing Lu, Chili, Dazhen, Pu Neer and King Label, meanwhile inviting end-users and industry integrators from South, Mid- and eastern China regions to attend.

Value-adding Special Display Zones and Other Theme Events

In order to ensure a more rewarding experience for our visitors, a number of events will be offered including:
The 26th Hong Kong Print Awards” Display Zone showcases a series of outstanding print pieces;

3D Printing Display Zone offers visitors the chance to observe innovative designs and experience virtual reality with latest software applications, while giving away free 3D crystal portraits and 3D raster portraits;

Award presentation of the second “Ten Most Competitive Printing Enterprises "and "Top Ten Integrity Printing Enterprises" in Guangdong province assembles top hundred printing enterprises from the Guangdong province to celebrate their dedication in motivating the printing industry to transform from OEM to OSM oriented;

Beijing BeiRen Cup-Gravure Premium Printing Display Zone dedicates to showcase exceptional pieces of gravure printing and the development of China's gravure printing industry.

Printing South China 2015 continues its high-end and global positioning by holding a series of forums and seminars, offering professional visitors the latest market intelligence and in-depth analysis of industry trends, such as digital printing, packaging printing and digital/automated post press production. Partial list of events include:

The 3rd Annual Digital Post-Press Forum: Increase efficiency and accuracy in post-press process – Ms. Wang Wei Zhu, expert of post press production, will explain how printing and packaging companies can elevate their business with post press production;

Overcome Business Downturn With Innovation For Printing And Packaging Enterprises – industry leaders, including representative from Heidelberg, will share their experience on how to excel in a competitive market with creativity;

Applications in Latest 3D Printing Technologies invites industry experts to share their intelligence on 3D printing applications on plastic and metal, offering industry goers more solutions to upgrade their business;

Annual Conference of Guangzhou Publishing and Printing Association and Digital Printing Forum gathers distinctive printing and packaging companies from the Guangdong province to share ideas and business strategies for the coming year.

In addition, value-adding events targeting at end-users include:
Symposium on Establishment and Implementation of Food and Medicine Safety Traceability System- examines the latest technology to combine traceability technology and packaging;

From OEM to OSM – China's Packaging Design Forum- invites entrepreneurs from China's printing industry, brand managers, packaging designers and wine companies to discuss OSM brand management.

Forums on Applications to Dissect Industry's Development

Sino-Label 2015 also stresses on the importance of industry applications. Symposium on Labelling Security Technology on Brand Protection and Applications is an ideal communication platform for anti-counterfeit material suppliers, experts from the printing sector and business representatives from all stages of the industry chain to share ideas on brand protection with labeling technology;

Innovative RFID Tag and Smart Label Technology Application Forum invites representative from GS1 Hong Kong, Avery Dennison and B & S Equipment Development Ltd, to examine the latest RFID technology trends and the applications to realize business benefits in the apparel and footwear industry;
Green Packaging and Labeling Industry Summit focuses on the sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for packaging and labeling companies, examining the latest practices and applications in labeling industry.

Strong Partnership with Industry Associations to Invite Worldwide Buyers

Printing South China 2015 and Sino-Label 2015 have always been widely approved among buyers with their successful tracking record. This year, both shows have invited buyer groups from over 100 China's printing, packaging and labeling associations, covering regions such as shanghai, hunan, wuhan, Jiangxi, nanjig, Zhengzhou, yunfu, nanhai, fuoshan, zhongshan, Xiamen, quanzhou, Zhuhai, hubei, Guangzhou, Dongguan, keshan, jiangmen, qingyuan, Shenzhen, shunde, shaoxing and more! Leading enterprises send their delegation groups to make purchases at the show.

Four-in-one exhibition connects printing, packaging and labeling industries

The exhibition structure has been continuously improved over the years to keep up with the industries' development, added Sino-Label in 2007 and PACKINNO in 2012, alongside with our Printing South China and Sino-Pack, both have 22 years of tracking record, we have built a one-stop sourcing platform that connects printing, packaging, labeling and packaging products industries. Buyers with different purchasing needs will be able to easily locate their required suppliers with one exhibition that caters to four industry chains.

Visit Us in 2016

Printing South China 2016 will be held in March 2-4 at Area B, China Import and Export Fair Complex. We look forward to seeing you at our show next year!

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