Based in South China and enjoyed geographical and economical strengthens of label printing, China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology (also known as “Sino-Label”) has established itself a remarkable and influential international exhibition in China covering the spectrum of label printing, decoration, processing and technological application. The 2015 event will be held from 9-11 March in the China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou. The content, standard, effectiveness and services of Sino- Label attain high recognition from the label converters worldwide. The exhibition has also received extensive support from industry associations, exhibitors and delegations from home and abroad. In 2015, 300 exhibitors from 16 different countries or regions, and around 22,000 visitors around the world will be expected. The show will be covered: Label & Narrow Web Printing Machinery, Bar Coding Equipment RFID Label Machinery, Smart Labels, In-mold Labeling, Self-adhesive Materials & Hot Melt System, Anti-counterfeit Technology, Label Security Solutions & Applications, Inks and Inking Systems, In-line Decoration Systems, Testing / Inspection Equipment & Accessories Label Printing Materials, Label and Advertisement Design, Industry Services, Relevant Trade Associations and Trade Publications. Other onsite activities planned for March include different forums and seminars, and we will invite industry professionals and key players to sharing their skills and experiences. In Sino-Label 2014, the show was serving as a hub for printing-related businesses and a must-attend buying platform for industry professionals. Famous exhibitors like HP, Roland, Horauf China, HongMing, Zihong, ChengMing, Zenbo, Win.Win, Shield Science, AOKE, CRON, Eastcom Lingtong, RISO, Channel 2 China, Debao, Tokyo Wenhong, Chengyuan, ZhenGrun, Guang, TianCen, Dragon, HuaYue, ShanShe and Asia Symbol pay significant efforts in this fair and got great satisfaction. The exhibitors were appreciative of the great turnout of buyers and found the fair fruitful. The next edition of the Sino-Label 2015, will be staged again in conjunction with Printing South China 2015, Sino-Pack 2015 and PACKINNO 2015 at China Import & Export Fair Complex on March 9-11. The organizers foreshadow to have a continuous enhancement and expansion on show scale, and be the irreplaceable trade platform for all industry players and promote the development of business.Company website – Event calendar Japan external trade organization – Event calendar Trade show news network 10 times: Business events online platform European business events online platform Trade show online platform India trade show online platform Asia trade show platform Trade show online platform Trade show online platform Trade show online platform

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Sino-Label 2015 Continues to Lead the Industry
With New Labeling Solutions
Publish Date: Feb-02 2015
2015.01.23 The China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology (also known as Sino-Label 2015) will be held on March 9-11 2015 at Hall 6.1-7.1-8.1 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, PR China. With 9 years of experience, Sino-Label 2015 has developed into a leading exhibition of the labeling industry that provides latest industry insights.

Momentous Scale-up to Include Three Main Halls

Sino-Label 2015 will bring worldwide buyers latest equipment and technologies on label printing, product-decoration, package-processing for all kinds of label printing products and applications for various end-users. The exhibition area will expand to over 29,000 sqm embedded with three halls, featuring more than 260 professional exhibitors from over 16 countries.

Sino-Label 2015 has taken "Professional label printing equipment" and "Green label printing materials" to be this year's two major themes for its three main halls:
Hall 6.1 is dedicated to showcase special label printing and consumables, including digital label printing, RFID digital labeling manufacturers, rotary printing press, label die-cutting for post-printing process and inspection equipment manufacturer;
Hall 7.1 mainly displays latest label printing materials, such as anti-counterfeit labeling, in-mold labeling and raw materials for anti-counterfeit labels and self-adhesive labels;
Hall 8.1 brings in mostly label printing equipment such as flexographic printing, rotary labeling, digital labeling, commercial printing and testing equipment.

"IML Industry Chain Show", "RFID-Digital Labeling & Anti-Counterfeit Zone" and "Green Material Pavilion"

"RFID-Digital Labeling & Anti-Counterfeit Zone" will assemble RFID digital labeling equipment manufacturers and material suppliers including Shenzhen Xin Jing Lu, Chili, Dazhen, Pu Neer and King Label, to mingle with end-users and industry integrators coming from South, Mid- and East China. "Innovative RFID Tag and Smart Label Technology Application Forum" is a supporting concurrent event of the exhibition, which will be held on March 9th 2015 at conference room no.1 at Hall B; the forum will examine the latest RFID technology trends and applications for the apparel and footwear industries.

With China being the world's largest consumer market on labeling, in-mold labeling is predicted to have immense market potentials. Thus, Sino-Label 2015 will co-organize with Sino-Pack 2015 to build "IML Industry Chain Show", covering injection molding, blow molding, in-mold label materials and the entire printing industry chain. Well-known exhibitors include Arburg, Yizumi, SNTO, Wisetec, Longemould, Kingpallet, Weizhi, Pelican, YUPO, Avery, Arjowiggins, Sanki, Taiyo, LabelMen and Omet.

Worldwide Exhibitors Gather to Satisfy Different Labeling Requirements

Building on last year's success, Sino-Label 2015 will expand its labeling sourcing options with more market-leading manufacturers and suppliers, also showcasing latest digital printing press and intelligent label printing machine.
Well-known manufacturers include: Lintec, Taiyo-Kikai, Sanki, Weigang, Zhongtian, DongHang, Nickel, ETI, WanJie, HaoTian ,TaiHang, Hontec, WeiFangHaoTian and Debao etc.; Green label material suppliers include: ZhongShan Fuzhou, Kinglabel, Lecco, Soontomax, Yupo, Dicheng and Century Security; Various system and inspection service providers, post-print processing machinery and other equipment manufacturers include: Meech, BST and DaHeng.

Recommended Exhibitors at Sino-Label 2015

Guangzhou Haotian Machinery Co., Ltd
Booth number: 8312

Yutian specializes in manufacturing label printing machinery, RFID and intelligent label printing equipment. Its ranges products has expanded from HTP240 computer label printing machine to currently offering more than 10 machine models and comprehensive supporting service. Its latest digital labeling machinery is combinational (can have various combinations with parts such as offset, letterpress, flexographic, screen print rollers, back printing, round knife, lettering and digital) and is fully supported by LED.

Beijing Funder Electrics Co., Ltd.
Booth number:6501

Currently the latest and most advanced variable data printing solution, Founder K3000S not only has a higher printing flexibility and adaptability to variety of changes, it also significantly improves printing speed and productivity, thus meeting labeling and packaging market demands such as personalizing and anti-counterfeiting.

Beijing Daheng Image Vision Co., Ltd
Booth number: 8220

Daheng Image Vision's inspector and rewinder series can be applied to tobacco, pharmaceutics, cosmetics and anti-counterfeiting. It can also inspect variable informative data such as electronic monitoring code and two-dimensional code, as well as the printing quality. It is easy to operate, high stable and highly efficient.

Taiyo Kikai Co.Ltd.
Booth number:8508

Taiko Kikai will present its STF-340 flexographic printing press. It is driven entirely by servo motor, ensures fast and stable printing, guarantees to maintain a high quality outcome when handling materials with various thickness when its unique cylinder's design. Its large-diameter water-cooling metalic cylinder simulates flatten print effect with excellent dot production, whilst ensuring zero distortion at the time of the printing. Its extremely short paper path assures printing process to be highly efficient, energy-saving and stable, thus reducing waste loss.

Live Demonstrations for Different End-Users

We have expanded our overseas promotions for Sino-Label 2015, such as sending out buyers invitations, VIP visitor services and organizing concurrent events, and are expecting more than 65,000 worldwide visitors to attend! Sino-Label 2015 set goals to provide a comprehensive sourcing and communication platform for printing & packaging labeling and other end-user companies as well as manufacturers and suppliers.

End-User-Focused Concurrent Events and Discussions Effectively Links All Stages of the Labeling Industry

Sino-Label 2015 has prepared a series of trend-specific concurrent events for visitors to have a solid understanding of the industry's latest developments. The "Innovative RFID Tag and Smart Label Technology Application Forum", co-organized by GSK Hong Kong, will examine the latest RFID trends and its applications to the apparel and footwear industries; RFID technology provides visibility of product movement, streamlines distribution, improves demand forecasting, and makes manufacturing more responsive to market changes. "Symposium on "Labeling Security Technology on Brand Protection and Applications" will offer valuable anti-counterfeit solutions to companies that are seeking stronger brand protection, inviting representatives specializing in anti-counterfeit printing skills to share their knowledge on this issue. The "Green Packaging and Labeling Industry Summit", co-organized by Printing.HC360.Comm, will analyze the latest trends and developments of the global printing, packaging and label printing industries with three sections: integration of packaging and printing technologies, innovative packaging designs and end-user packaging. Other concurrent events such as Display zone of the Gravure Association of China also helps companies to stay ahead of the market with discussions on industry's latest technology and trends predictions.

Four-In-One International Trading Platform - Breaks Barriers Between Industries

Sino-Label 2015 will join Printing South China 2015, Sino-Pack 2015 and PACKINNO 2015 to present the ultimate exhibition that links printing, labeling, packaging and packaging products, giving visitors an all-rounded purchasing experience that is one of a kind!

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