Based in South China and enjoyed geographical and economical strengthens of label printing, China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology (also known as “Sino-Label”) has established itself a remarkable and influential international exhibition in China covering the spectrum of label printing, decoration, processing and technological application. The 2015 event will be held from 9-11 March in the China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou. The content, standard, effectiveness and services of Sino- Label attain high recognition from the label converters worldwide. The exhibition has also received extensive support from industry associations, exhibitors and delegations from home and abroad. In 2015, 300 exhibitors from 16 different countries or regions, and around 22,000 visitors around the world will be expected. The show will be covered: Label & Narrow Web Printing Machinery, Bar Coding Equipment RFID Label Machinery, Smart Labels, In-mold Labeling, Self-adhesive Materials & Hot Melt System, Anti-counterfeit Technology, Label Security Solutions & Applications, Inks and Inking Systems, In-line Decoration Systems, Testing / Inspection Equipment & Accessories Label Printing Materials, Label and Advertisement Design, Industry Services, Relevant Trade Associations and Trade Publications. Other onsite activities planned for March include different forums and seminars, and we will invite industry professionals and key players to sharing their skills and experiences. In Sino-Label 2014, the show was serving as a hub for printing-related businesses and a must-attend buying platform for industry professionals. Famous exhibitors like HP, Roland, Horauf China, HongMing, Zihong, ChengMing, Zenbo, Win.Win, Shield Science, AOKE, CRON, Eastcom Lingtong, RISO, Channel 2 China, Debao, Tokyo Wenhong, Chengyuan, ZhenGrun, Guang, TianCen, Dragon, HuaYue, ShanShe and Asia Symbol pay significant efforts in this fair and got great satisfaction. The exhibitors were appreciative of the great turnout of buyers and found the fair fruitful. The next edition of the Sino-Label 2015, will be staged again in conjunction with Printing South China 2015, Sino-Pack 2015 and PACKINNO 2015 at China Import & Export Fair Complex on March 9-11. The organizers foreshadow to have a continuous enhancement and expansion on show scale, and be the irreplaceable trade platform for all industry players and promote the development of business.Company website – Event calendar Japan external trade organization – Event calendar Trade show news network 10 times: Business events online platform European business events online platform Trade show online platform India trade show online platform Asia trade show platform Trade show online platform Trade show online platform Trade show online platform

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Wave Into a Future of Innovation and Change
Sino-Label Sets Sail Again in 2015 Leading Industry to a New Direction
Publish Date: Aug-19 2014

The total output value of global digital package printing and label printing industries are reported to have reached to 7.3 billion USD, while still showing room for growth in the next five years. The printing and labeling industries have greatly profited from the rapid development of various fields such as cosmetics, food, cleaning products, pharmaceuticals, make-up products, home appliances, logistics and supermarkets, hence continue to maintain a strong growth. In addition, labeling industry will expand to cover a wider range of applicational field with China’s maturing consumption structure.

The China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology 2015 (Sino-Label 2015) will be held from 9-11th March, 2015, at Hall 6.1-7.1-8.1, in the China Import and Export Fair Complex (Area A) in Guangzhou, PR China. Being recognized as the leading international labeling exhibition with the largest scale of its kind in the South China region, Sino-Label 2015 has grown to become the leader of the global labeling industry. The exhibition will expand its show scale up to 29,000 sqm, providing a gathering place for over 300 worldwide equipment manufacturers and material suppliers and testing services providers to showcase their latest products and technologies. Together with other concurrent events, Printing South China 2015, Sino-Pack 2015 and PACKINNO 2015, the total exhibiting space will reach to over 90,000 sqm, building a comprehensive platform that connects printing, packaging and labeling into one chain, and is expecting to attract overt than 100,000 worldwide quality buyers and professional visitors to attend.

Assembles leaders of the industry
Show organizer reveals that many reputable companies were eager to participate since the start of its exhibitor registration, with 80% of its exhibiting booth already sold out. Renowned printing equipment manufacturers confirmed their participation include Lintec, Taiyo, Sanki, Weigang, Zhongtian, Donghang, Nickel, ETI, Wanjie, Haotian, Taihang, Hontec, Weifanghaotian and Debao etc.; various industry big players will also showcase their latest labeling materials, such as Zhongshan Fuzhou, Kinglabel, Lecco, Soontomax, Yupo, Dicheng and Century Security etc.; meanwhile, manufacturers specializing in various equipment, systems and testing equipment in labeling production and processing phase will also make their exciting appearances.

Renovated theme zones to stay close with industry trends and developments
Under this year’s theme “Innovate-Professional-Adventurous”, two special zones " IML Industry Chain Show" and "RFID-Digital Labeling Zone" will be added to represent the technological advancement this industry has made thus far: not only will they display a unique and comprehensive range of the latest technologies, including printing, decoration, processing and applications, these zones also directly reflect the industry’s latest trends.

IML Industry Chain Show
In-mold labeling, being a new type of labeling method and advantages such as being eco-friendly, decorative, product security enhancement, recyclable etc., has been given more attention in China and implemented to a wider range of applicational fields, for example petrol chemical products (lubricants), pharmaceuticals, home appliances, cosmetics and food etc. It has immense market potentials as China is now the largest IML consumer in the world. Thus " IML Industry Chain Show" co-organized by Sino-Label 2015 and Sino-Pack 2015, will be a new edition to this year’s event that connects the industry from material selection to product realization, covering areas like injection molding machines, blow molding machines, robotic arms, and in-mold label printing manufacturers. We have already received support from esteemed companies such as Arburg, Yizumi, SNTO, Wisetec, Longemould, Kingpallet, Weizhi, Pelican, YUPO, Avery, Arjowiggins, Sanki, Taiyo Kikai, LabelMen and Omet etc.

RFID-Digital Labeling Zone
In addition, "RFID-Digital Labeling Zone" will also the added to the show corresponding to the increasing application of digital labeling in market sectors like security, logistics, cosmetics etc., welcoming equipment and material manufactuers to display their products to end-users and indsutry peers coming from South, Mid- and part of East China.

Exciting exhibits preview and latest industry updates

Taiyo Kikai Co.Ltd Booth Number: 8508

Taiyo Kikai Co. Ltd specializes in manufacturing rotary printing machines, label printing machines, package printing machines, and has been one of the loyal supporters of Sino-Label over the years. Taiyo Kikai will be showcasing their STF-340-8C flexographic printing press at Sino-Label 2015, a product that has been modified for two years that will best meet customer’s demand on label size. It has a maximum paper width up to 370mm and printing repeat perimeter extended from 5.5 to 26 inches. In addition to providing standard facilities, Taiyo Kakai also offers specially configured devices.

(Exhibit name: STF-340-8C flexographic printing press)

Hadesheng Group Booth number: 6336

Hadesheng Group, founded in Beijing in 2004, is the first high-tech company in China to research and manufacture high-precision die-cutting round-knife and automated round-knife die-cutting processing machines. Hadesheng Group was particularly satisfied with the result and services of last year’s event, “the event in 2014 exceeded our expectation in terms of number of visitors attended also the quality of our buyers, during the entire three-day exhibition we were overwhelmed with constantly promoting our products to customers with great potential, signing and following up orders. We appreciate the professional service provided by the show’s organizer and will support Sino-Label again in 2015.” stated Mr. Zeng, manager of Hadesheng Group.

Hadesheng Group will be showcasing its 10 station automatic round knife cutting machine – a completely automatic cutting machine, at Sino-Label 2015, with full intentions to awestruck the audience by its impressively masculine appearance. The new edition has multifaceted advantages that will bring its users a better experience, such as user-friendly operation and has a high level of security. It can greatly enhance users’ efficiency by saving time, material, labor cost, and being eco-friendly during the processing of die-cutting products.

(Exhibit name: 10 station automatic round knife cutting machine – a completely automatic cutting machine)

A platform for top-notch industry peers; facilitates end-user purchasing
In addition to displaying a series of advanced equipment and supplies, the show organizer endeavors to stay close to buyers’ needs by scrutinizing the latest market trends, thus joining forces with various industry associations and mainstream media to run several gripping concurrent events. The organizer will also put extra resources on recruiting buyers from overseas and aims to extend the invitations to end-user market sectors, hence building a supreme matching platform that gathers the most number of leading businesses and industry elites.

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