Based in South China and enjoyed geographical and economical strengthens of label printing, China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology (also known as “Sino-Label”) has established itself a remarkable and influential international exhibition in China covering the spectrum of label printing, decoration, processing and technological application. The 2015 event will be held from 9-11 March in the China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou. The content, standard, effectiveness and services of Sino- Label attain high recognition from the label converters worldwide. The exhibition has also received extensive support from industry associations, exhibitors and delegations from home and abroad. In 2015, 300 exhibitors from 16 different countries or regions, and around 22,000 visitors around the world will be expected. The show will be covered: Label & Narrow Web Printing Machinery, Bar Coding Equipment RFID Label Machinery, Smart Labels, In-mold Labeling, Self-adhesive Materials & Hot Melt System, Anti-counterfeit Technology, Label Security Solutions & Applications, Inks and Inking Systems, In-line Decoration Systems, Testing / Inspection Equipment & Accessories Label Printing Materials, Label and Advertisement Design, Industry Services, Relevant Trade Associations and Trade Publications. Other onsite activities planned for March include different forums and seminars, and we will invite industry professionals and key players to sharing their skills and experiences. In Sino-Label 2014, the show was serving as a hub for printing-related businesses and a must-attend buying platform for industry professionals. Famous exhibitors like HP, Roland, Horauf China, HongMing, Zihong, ChengMing, Zenbo, Win.Win, Shield Science, AOKE, CRON, Eastcom Lingtong, RISO, Channel 2 China, Debao, Tokyo Wenhong, Chengyuan, ZhenGrun, Guang, TianCen, Dragon, HuaYue, ShanShe and Asia Symbol pay significant efforts in this fair and got great satisfaction. The exhibitors were appreciative of the great turnout of buyers and found the fair fruitful. The next edition of the Sino-Label 2015, will be staged again in conjunction with Printing South China 2015, Sino-Pack 2015 and PACKINNO 2015 at China Import & Export Fair Complex on March 9-11. The organizers foreshadow to have a continuous enhancement and expansion on show scale, and be the irreplaceable trade platform for all industry players and promote the development of business.Company website – Event calendar Japan external trade organization – Event calendar Trade show news network 10 times: Business events online platform European business events online platform Trade show online platform India trade show online platform Asia trade show platform Trade show online platform Trade show online platform Trade show online platform

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Sino-Label Continues its Momentum in 2015
Lead Your Way in Label Industry with Innovative Labeling Solutions
Publish Date: Jul-15 2014

Given the promising development of China’s label printing industry plus having the convenience of locating at the South China’s region, Sino-Label has risen to become the region’s largest and a must-attend tradeshow focusing on label printing in China. With eight years of continuous effort Sino-Label has evolved into an in-depth international platform that is widely acclaimed among exhibitors and visitors.

Sino-Label 2015 will be jointly organized by China Foreign Trade Centre (Group) and Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., taking place from 9th to 11th March at Hall 6.1-7.1-8.1, Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, PR China.

Driven by the strong market growth of various sectors such as cosmetics, food, cleaning products, pharmaceuticals, makeup products, home appliances and logistics, China’s label printing is a market full of potentials and new business opportunities. In response to this market trend, Sino-Label 2015 will position its focus on ‘Innovative Labeling Solutions’, demonstrating the latest technologies in label printing field, such as printing, decoration, processing and applications. The event will also debut several brand new theme zones to keep up with the industry’s rapid development, such as the RFID Intelligent Label Zone which showcases the latest technologies and solutions of digital labeling. By combining with its concurrent event, Sino-Pack 2015, professional visitors could take the advantage to study a complete portfolio of in-mold labeling industry chain and recognize the added values of labeling products in a supply chain.

Sino-Label 2015 Expands Exhibit Scale to Answer Worldwide Support

Sino-Label 2015 will be expanding the show floor area up to 29,000 sqm, housing over 300 local and international exhibitors including mainstream label printing and equipment manufacturers, material suppliers and label indicator manufacturers.

Moreover, 85% of the booth space had already been booked within a month of its open registration, including printing equipment suppliers such as Omet, Gidue, Lintec, Taiyo, Sanki, Weigang, Zhongtian, Donghang, Nickel, ETI, Wanjie, Haotian, Hontec, Hexiang, Taihang, Weifanghaotian; reputed material suppliers that are joining this event include Avery, Zhongshanfuzhou, Guanhao, Lecco, Soontomax, Yupo, Century Security etc. Meanwhile, companies that produce various facilities being used in label production, including types of equipment, systems, indicators and processing equipment, would also make their prominent presence, such as Brotech, Rotary, Meech, Guangjun, BST, Rhyguan etc.

Proudly Presents “One-Stop In-Mold Labeling (IML) Industry Chain Display Zone” and “Digital Labeling Zone”

The global usage of IML labels is estimated to increase from 925 million sqm in 2014 to 1.01 billion sqm in 2017, indicating the prospering of China’s own in-mold label industry. In view of this, Sino-Label 2015 will join forces with Sino-Pack 2015 to present a complete portfolio of the IML label industry chain, covering subjects like injection molding machines, blow molding machines, robotic arms, and in-mold labels/materials manufacturers. This one-stop professional platform already attracted many well-known enterprises to participate, with names like Arburg, Yizumi, Huangyan Plastic, Winstar, Longge Mould, Kentplas, Jinchi, Nhweizhi, Palican, Yupo, Avery, Arjowiggins, Sanki, Taiyo, Labelmen, Omet etc.

With digital labels being increasingly applied to different markets such as security, logistics and cosmetics, Sino-Label 2015 has gladly invited equipment providers and material suppliers that specialize in RFID digital labeling to demonstrate new products and network with end-users and distributors coming from South, Central and East China.

A One-Stop Sourcing Platform that Covers Printing, Packaging, Labeling

Sino-Label 2015 will be teaming up with Printing South China 2015, Sino-Pack 2015 and PACKINNO 2015 to present the ultimate sourcing platform, with exhibit space expected to reach to 90,000 sqm, and is anticipated the attendance of more than 65,000 worldwide professional buyers and visitors of other nature.

Sino-Label 2015 Brings Better Show Experience to Visitors

Sino-Label 2015 will be coordinating with various industry associations and mainstream media to host a series of compelling concurrent activities that will better accommodate the interests of buyers. Besides continuing its alliance with local and overseas printing associations to invite visitors, the show’s organizer also seeks to extend promotion and cooperation opportunities to various related application sectors, putting extra effort on inviting worldwide buyers and sending out VIP invitations, in order to more effectively promote label technology application to the whole supply chain. It is estimated that the number of qualified professional buyers would reach new heights with Sino-Label’s persistence to enhance cooperation with different parties and prevalence among relevant application sectors.

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For visitor and media enquiry:
Ms. Mavis Ng / Ms. Winnie Fung
Marketing Communications Department
Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd
Address: 6/F, 321 Java Rd, North Point, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2516 3389
Fax: (852) 2516 5024

Facebook: @Sino-Label
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