Based in South China and enjoyed geographical and economical strengthens of label printing, China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology (also known as “Sino-Label”) has established itself a remarkable and influential international exhibition in China covering the spectrum of label printing, decoration, processing and technological application. The 2015 event will be held from 9-11 March in the China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou. The content, standard, effectiveness and services of Sino- Label attain high recognition from the label converters worldwide. The exhibition has also received extensive support from industry associations, exhibitors and delegations from home and abroad. In 2015, 300 exhibitors from 16 different countries or regions, and around 22,000 visitors around the world will be expected. The show will be covered: Label & Narrow Web Printing Machinery, Bar Coding Equipment RFID Label Machinery, Smart Labels, In-mold Labeling, Self-adhesive Materials & Hot Melt System, Anti-counterfeit Technology, Label Security Solutions & Applications, Inks and Inking Systems, In-line Decoration Systems, Testing / Inspection Equipment & Accessories Label Printing Materials, Label and Advertisement Design, Industry Services, Relevant Trade Associations and Trade Publications. Other onsite activities planned for March include different forums and seminars, and we will invite industry professionals and key players to sharing their skills and experiences. In Sino-Label 2014, the show was serving as a hub for printing-related businesses and a must-attend buying platform for industry professionals. Famous exhibitors like HP, Roland, Horauf China, HongMing, Zihong, ChengMing, Zenbo, Win.Win, Shield Science, AOKE, CRON, Eastcom Lingtong, RISO, Channel 2 China, Debao, Tokyo Wenhong, Chengyuan, ZhenGrun, Guang, TianCen, Dragon, HuaYue, ShanShe and Asia Symbol pay significant efforts in this fair and got great satisfaction. The exhibitors were appreciative of the great turnout of buyers and found the fair fruitful. The next edition of the Sino-Label 2015, will be staged again in conjunction with Printing South China 2015, Sino-Pack 2015 and PACKINNO 2015 at China Import & Export Fair Complex on March 9-11. The organizers foreshadow to have a continuous enhancement and expansion on show scale, and be the irreplaceable trade platform for all industry players and promote the development of business.Company website – Event calendar Japan external trade organization – Event calendar Trade show news network 10 times: Business events online platform European business events online platform Trade show online platform India trade show online platform Asia trade show platform Trade show online platform Trade show online platform Trade show online platform

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The “Exhibitor Zone” is a one-stop place for CHINAPLAS exhibitors to access timely and useful information that can facilitate your participation in CHINAPLAS 2014. It is also a highly effective platform for Adsale and exhibitors to connect and communicate with each other. Please try out the Exhibitor Zone:

Login name and password will be sent to exhibitors together with the space rental contract or by separate email.
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Show Update
Winner of Pre-Registration iPhone 6 Lucky Draw
Congratulations to winners of our Pre-registration Lucky Draw. All winners are entitled to an iPhone 6 which was presented at the show. Stay tune for our latest promotion and privileges to 2016 pre-registrants!

List of Winner
s (in no particular order)

Mr. Eric Cheung, Order Management Director, Chung Tai Printing (China) Co. Ltd.

Mr Ricky Choi, Head of Logistics, Citrus Growers International / Watson's Water

Ms. Miner He, P&G (Guangzhou) Ltd., Haircare Packaging Technical Engineer
Innovative RFID Tag and Smart Label Technology Application Forum

Having real-time inventory visibility is often a key challenge in implementing Omni-channel strategy. According to market researches, apparel & footwear retailers are only having an average of 63% inventory accuracy in their systems. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the solution!

To address the increasing demand of this technology, GS1 Hong Kong is invited to organize “Innovative RFID Tag and Smart Label Technology Application Forum”. Click HERE to view for latest agenda and reserve for your seat in advance!
February Show Alert – Recommended Exhibitors
Omet (Suzhou) Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth number: 8209

Achieves green printing with automation and intelligent machinery

Exhibit:XFlex X4 printing press- with high precision, intelligence and easy operation, it became the most popular

Lintec (Suzhou) Tech Corporation

Booth number: 8320
World-renowned supplier on label matierals

Exhibit:self-adhesives materials, adhesive tapes, industrial use papers
February Show Alert – Exciting Exhibit Preview
Zhongshan Fuzhou Adhesive-Product Co., Ltd.
Booth number7508
Produces self-adhesives with green and cost-efficient materials

Exhibit: self–adhesive materials

Zhongtian Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.
Booth number8350
Ensures consistent label printing and high performance with movable control system

Exhibit: ZTJ-330Intermittent Offset Label Press

Beijing Daheng Image Vision Co., Ltd
Booth number8220
Printing quality inspection systems reduces products with defects

Exhibit: inspector and rewinder series
January Show Alert - Proudly Presents Three Major Themes: Profession Label-Printing Equipment; Green Labeling Materials; Integrated Label Printing
Shenzhen Labellong Printing Machine Co., Ltd
Booth number: 8301
Full rotary letterpress with satellite structure ensures unique and beautiful printing result

This advanced model prolongs wear resistance with paper path that is 1/3 shorter than traditional ones; can install additional components such as pre-hot stamping, laser cutting, front-and-back printing, double-sided labeling, in-mold label printing and material control. Its more reasonable configuration greatly enhances the color precision of 8 color process, thus ideal for printing various kinds of commercial labels.

Zhongtian Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.
Booth number: 8350
Ensures consistent label printing with sZTJ-330Intermittent Offset Label Press

It achieves consistent overlaying with driving each unit with individual servo-motor. With 23 ink rollers (4 of them are large diameter form rollers), alcohol dampening system and adopting the latest ink rolling system, it yields beautiful printing result. Its touch-screen, movable control system allows on-the-spot color registration, greatly increasing efficiency.

Zhongshan Fuzhou Adhesive-Product Co., Ltd.
Booth number: 7508
Produces self-adhesives with green and cost-efficient materials

 “Fuzhou” Brand self–adhesive, offers 15 series of product such as cast coated paper, art paper, wood free paper, aluminum–foil paper, fluorescent paper, synthetic paper, flock paper, thermal paper, PET films, PVC films, holographic films, PP films, PE films, glossy film and anti-forgery materials, and has over 2000 selections.

BST International (Shanghai) Co, Ltd.
Booth number: 8230
Assures great outcome and efficiency with BST inspection system

BST inspection system can cater to each customer’s requirement by customizing certain features. Its variety of specifications allows it to run consistently, reducing the percentage of defects production, and eliminates the waste of labor and materials. It can be applied to image inspection systems, process control and color management for various printing presses.
January Show Alert – Automatic labeling machines guarantee great efficiency and production scale!
Guangzhou Yutian Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Booth number:8312

Its latest digital labeling machinery is combinational (allows various combinations to achineve offset printing, letterpress printing, rollers screen pritnting, round cut, cold and hot stamping and digital printing etc.), and is fully supported by LED

Taiyo Kikai Co.Ltd
Booth number:8508

With a 5.5 – 26 inches print repeat, a 340 maximum web path and print cylinder that offer quick and easy replacement,STF-340 flexographic printing machine is driven fully by servo motors. Its movable cold-stamp unit (for laminating) and turn bars allow fast and various color changes. The print cylinder with large-diameter also comes with a cooling function that can be applied to the green printing of various thin film products

Arburg Machine & Trading (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Booth number: 1152

This machine realizes great efficiency in the manufacturing of thin-walled containers with inserts. With Arburg’s 570H hybrid packaging machine, 2+2 cavity stack-mould from PassCard and robotic arms from Wetec, the production cycle runs under 3.5 second, an ideal packaging machine meeting every packaging requirements for various products

Jingye Machinery Co., Ltd.
Booth number:2112

WIB-50D Automatic Injection Blow Molding Machine is configured with molding parts of 1-to-16 capacity, and only needs 13 seconds for each cycle. It can produce more than 100,000 pieces of products on a daily basis, and is ideal for the mass production of yoghurt bottles
January Show Alert – Advanced Labeling Solutions at Sino-Label 2015
Omet (Suzhou) Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd
Booth number: 8209

Realizes intelligent and green printing with XFLEX X4 Flexo Press 

One of the best printing machines of the market to perfectly combine mechanical and servo technology, its main features include personalizing with the operator’s own wisdom, having a beautiful appearance, easy-operating system and wining a series of awards on innovation since 2007. Its range of production reaches from linerless labels to processing multi-layer printed sticker.

Beijing Founder Electronics Co., Ltd.

Booth number6501

Personalizes labeling solutions with Founder K3000S

Currently the latest and most advanced variable data printing solution, Founder K3000S not only has a higher printing flexibility and adaptability to variety of changes, it also significantly improves printing speed and productivity, thus meeting labeling and packaging market demands such as personalizing and anti-counterfeiting.

Shenzhen Xing Jin Lu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth number6330

Offers Prime Intelligent Labeling Solutions - DZJ-8000

This equipment specializes in RFID tag production, it conducts precise binding through the RFID chip and antenna with a highly-précised visual recognition system, and operates simply with high precision, high speed, good stability.

Guangzhou Chili Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd

Booth number6103

Highly efficient and intelligent - RFID Label automatic compound machine

This device combines compound RFID chip, compound RFID tag composite surface and automatic composite speed up to 60 m per min, realizing RFID INLAY dry and wet INLAY label production and card production.

December Show Alert #2 - Flexographic Printing Machines and RFID Solutions

Booth number: 8209
Exhibit: XFLEX X4 Flexo Press
Details: Launched by Omet in recent years, XFlex X4 is one of the most ideal flexo machines in the market, with high precision, intelligence and easy operation, it became the most popular flexo press in Chinese market in one leap based on the amazing sales achievements since its release.



Booth number: 8335
Details:  We strictly abide by the rules of operating the corporation of SANKI machinery co., LTD, Japanese technical personnel as the core, using the Japanese apex of science and technology, the production of 100% qualified products, to provide social printing machinery which accords with the situation of China.



Booth number: 6330
Exhibit: RFID Flip-Clip System
Details:  Using our own R & D,XIN JING LU company produced state-of-the-art smart labels (RFID), with automatic high-speed pour installation (FLIP-CHIP MOUNTER), and subsequently developed fully automatic laminating equipment.



Booth number: 6103
Exhibit: RFID  Label automatic compound machine
Details:  RFID  Label automatic compound machine: automatic compound speed of 60 m/min, which can realize the RFID INLAY dry and wet INLAY labels and card production.

December Show Alert #1 Safe and Eco-friendly Options: Self-adhesive Materials, Inks, Dies

Booth number: 7503
Exhibit:  Kinglabel RFID security traceability system
Details: Kinglabel RFID security traceability system is an App platform with a perfect blending of NFC (Near Field Communication) short-range communication and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology。



Booth number: 7508
Exhibit: Self-adhesive label materials
Details:  “Fuzhou” Brand self–adhesive, has  more than 15 series of products including cast coated paper, art paper, wood free paper, aluminum–foil paper, fluorescent paper, synthetic paper, flock paper, thermal paper, PET films, PVC films, holographic films, PP films, PE films, glossy film and anti-forgery materials, over 3000 categories.



Booth number: 7208
Exhibit: In-Mould Label
Details: Xinshan provides label, packaging and specialty material solutions to domestic and commercial customers worldwide. It partners with a number of high profile global chemical companies have had more than 90% market share of IML (in-mold labeling) since 2002.



Booth number: 6030
Exhibit:Self-adhesive label materials
Details: The primary products of Lecco Group includes Solvent-based PSA, Water-based PSA and BOPP overlamination film; the capacity of this total is over hundred billions of square meters.


Pre-register to Enter Lucky Draw for iPhone 6!
Pre-register online and you would enter to our lucky draw for iPhone 6!

Winners that cannot claim the prize at the show venue during 9 – 11 March, 2015 would be disqualified. Another pre-registered visitor would be randomly selected to be the prize winner.
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